Majin Migg & J. Lavish of the Kool Kingz – Maybelline

The Kool Kingz have blessed us with yet another exclusive. This time it’s a new record from Majin Migg & J. Lavish called “Maybelline” produced by DJ Flippp. From the time the beat drops you can feel the shake of the 808s thumping to the point where you’ll feel like you’ll have a gorilla in the trunk and you know this record is about to be something serious. J-Lavish & Majin Migg exhibit a certain level of versatility on this record that shows that the Kool Kingz are easily one of the more dynamic groups coming out of the south. 

Now from a subject matter, Majin Migg & J. Lavish speak on what appears to be an epidemic in itself which is about dudes who display a level of fakeness to the point where they need to be compared to the sweetness of Maybelline. Migg & Lavish unveil a uniqueness that gives you a similar feeling in comparison to the first time you hear groups such as the Migos.

Overall, the record is a hot track and the Kool Kingz have shown that consistency is key with yet another solid release. Be sure to stream & download this record from any of the major online download and streaming platforms. It’s out now, so don’t miss checking out this heat.

Kool Mik3 of the Kool Kingz – Down Deep


One thing that’s for certain and two things for sure, when the Kool Kingz drop a new record it’s always put together with high standards & quality. If you are not familiar with the Kool Kingz we’d recommend that you get acquainted. This time around Kool Mike of the Kool Kingz is back with a new record that epitomizes  what you think of when you think of  real “Grown Man Music ” with this southern classic called “Down Deep”. “Down Deep” is a record where Kool Mike rocks over a smooth laid back record with a classic sample that speaks to the soul. This record was produced by Gonzales own “Geehouse”. Gonzales has always been a secret hotbed for great music talent and the collaboration between Kool Mike & Geehouse shows that Gonzales puts together quality music.  

Going into the track itself Mike displays his lyrical ability while dropping some knowledge bars on this majestic masterpiece.  There are numerous quotable lines from Mike that he spits on the record that you must go listen to check it out. It’s introspective, grimy, and conscious all at the same time. Something one where only a man who’s truly lived life can speak on. When you hear it you know it’s authentic. 

In the video Kool Mike gives us a performance along with a mash-up of pictures & videos of himself throughout the years working in the industry.  The video was actually shot and edited by Kool Mike himself along with photos taken from Whaley GFX. 

“Deep Down” is a record that fans of UGK, Eightball & MJG, Outkast, Scarface, & other southern greats will appreciate and will make you appreciate Kool Mike to keep the true southern playa legacy going on. You can stream this record June 19th on all major platforms.


“The Kool Kingz” A Family Matter written by Tubbi of the Nerdy Bird Site


Louisiana has something captivating about the creative idealist it breeds. With so many unique artists, sounds, and production styles in the South, finding a way to stand out isn’t as easy as one would assume. With that, an emerging group of men are using their love and passion for music as a bonding tool to help strengthen their family ties. You’ve got it, the Kool Kings of Louisiana are sharing both a blood line as well as a true passion and desire for music.  They are making noise as a unit, as individuals, and are doing it with their own style.


The Kool Kingz are made up of several artists , however, the varsity positions  are held by Kool Mike, Jay Lavish, Just Migg, & Kole Ali. Each individual artist has a unique sound, writing style, swag, and layout. Often, Jay and Migg produce material as a duo, as Mike and Kole are often solo if not a track for the family holistically. What that offers to the dynamic of a collective sound, is the ability to be versatile. Each track from the Kool Kingz will bring forth a different vibe or mood depending on who you are listening to at the time.


Live performances are usually filled with high energy, dancers, and the embodiment of true brotherhood. Some may say that is because as family, they collectively want to see each other become successful in the dreams they are working to obtain. Others believe that when you truly love music, you want to see it elevate so we can each continue to dream. Either way, these guys are on to something our generation hasn’t seen as much as our grandparents (that being a supportive family).


Transitioning from 2018 to 2020, The gentlemen have made it a point to create more content, perform more and more often, travel in order to help market and promote their brand as well as establishing a expanding fan base. With exclusive works featured on as well as The BruhApp, they don’t have plans of slowing down or stopping anytime soon. Be on the look out, they may just be in your town, city, or state within the next few months. Provided below is a link to one The Kool Kingz most recent performances. Take a moment and check them each out and leave a comment below expressing your thoughts on the growing family of creatives.

If you are looking for something unique, a truth that you can relate to, vibe and elevate with, check them out.  If you can vibe with it, support them in their efforts and share their passion. If not, no sweat, you received your first insight right here at The Nerdy Bird! Stay tuned as we continue to follow the unsigned hype of these up and coming local artist. You may find your next favorite song, art work, artist, muse, photographer, MUA etc. right here!