Kickin The Real – Season II – B Spittin

Tubbi’s officially back with a second season of “Kickin The Real”. This season Tubbi’s interviewing the biggest and brightest starts in the region including artists, actors, entertainers, and more. In this episode Tubbi interviews New Orleans native B Spittin They discuss how B Spittin got into music, his influences, what he’s currently working on, a game of word association & more!

Connecting with the Creator: Ty Jack

Ty Jack is a Special FX Artist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Social Media Influencer, and CEO/Head Stylist of Haus Salon and Spa. She has been a featured artist for New Orleans’s edition of RAW: Natural Born Artists as well as the Baton Rouge Natural Hair Expo. Meeting Ty Jack once will ensure that her impression stays on you for a lifetime. With her bubbly smile, unicorn aesthetic, and message of self-acceptance and love for all things macabre, how can you not be impressed and want to tune in for the greatness that lies ahead?

Q: What a journey you have been on thus far! Let’s reflect back for a second though. When did your love for art start?

A: My love for art started when I was about 12yrs old. I would always sit and redraw my favorite cartoons.

Q: Growing up as an alternative unicorn was most likely not the easiest thing, although it sounds awesome nonetheless. What advice would you give to youth that may be at a crossroads of being themselves?

A: Be you authentically and unapologetically. People will laugh and talk regardless. Do what makes you happy now so you won’t miss out on happiness later.

Q: You’ve dabbled in many art forms; so, your arsenal of art media has got to be vast! What has been your favorite art medium to work with?

A: My favorite medium to is liquid latex. You can mold it and create whatever you need with it. Also, with liquid latex, applying prosthetics are so simple.

Q: Now, I know before branching out, you had years of experience creating spine-chilling monsters for the well-known RISE Haunted House. How long were you a special fx artist for RISE?

A: I worked for RISE for 4yrs before I started my own business.

Q: Do you still take special effects appts.? If so, how often and where can people book?

A: Due to Covid, I haven’t been taking FX or regular makeup appointments. Hopefully, the pandemic eases up soon though because I really miss working my magic on other canvases besides my own.

Q: Yes, being an artist during a global pandemic has been quite the journey! How do you keep going?

A:  Honestly, it’s super hard to find motivation, but my social media platform and supporters keep me going. They hype me like no other and I look forward to sharing new projects with them.

Q: You’re amazing at channeling your artistic abilities into your other businesses, especially the ever-growing Haus Salon & Spa. Since you’ve been featured at showcases like RAW, do you see yourself participating in hair shows for your work with Haus as well?

A: I would love to do a hair show one day! I’d love to showcase fun styles on models while they’re also wearing a makeup look as well! That would be iconic!

Q: Let’s discuss another budding part of your artistry and connection to the beautiful humans of this world: becoming a social media influencer. How has it helped grow your art forms?

A: Becoming an influencer has helped grow my art by helping me get discovered so I can share more in the first place! Tagging brands and posting merchandise, along with a beautiful look, has caught the attention of come amazing companies, including Voogueme in China and Makeup A Murder!

 Q: What moments have been your favorite in your art career thus far?

A:  My favorite moments have actually come from being an influencer! I’ve gotten so many opportunities and met so many people worldwide that I don’t think I would have had the confidence to talk to in person. My platform allows me to speak volumes without me having to verbally speak, and I love it!

Q: What should those interested in following your journey and art look forward to?

A: Well, YouTube may be soon, which will include vlogging as well. A huge collaboration with a big social media personality is in the works too.

Q: Sounds good! Where should people keep up with all things Ty Jack?

A: People can follow me on Instagram at and