October Model of the Month – Stefanie – Photography by Dennis Films

Our October model of the month Stephanie loves Hot pink! She is known for her laid back yet inviting personality. When spending time with the girls, a sex on the beach is easily her favorite. Her favorite type of night out calls for getting real dolled up and going out to  have a good time with friends. In her down time, Stephanie loves listening to music or getting into a good movie. When asked what she’d like to change in the world she responded, “. I’d focus on ending world hunger, I believe no one should go to bed without a hot meal and we have many resources that can end world hunger.” When asked about her favorite local artist Stephanie said. “Dee1 I love his positive energy how he is such a inspiration and role model for the youth. Regarding mainstream, Tink,  Drake, Beyonce and Chris Brown.”

If ever an opportunity to vacationing her dream destination, our girl would love to be on any island. “I would love to lay on a beach with light blue clear water. I’d love to visit the Bahamas.”

When asked to give a word of wisdom to those working towards their dreams, she responded with, “Dont be afraid of rejection, you are your own unique person. “The Key to success is to focus on goals not obstacles”

October Model of the Month – Stefanie – Photography by Dennis Films

 Stefanie Peck was born and raised in Baton Rouge , Louisiana. She has a love for travel and meeting new people. She is a bartender and is currently in college studying to become a occupational therapist; which stems from her love of helping people. She has been modeling for five years, doing runway as well as print. She has been published in a magazine, a book, as well as a calendar. Growing up she was on the shy side but when she is on the runway or behind the camera she feels very confident, fearless and very photogenic. “Modeling has always been my passion and I hope to one day move out of state to pursue my career further in the modeling industry.”

September 2019 Model of the Month – Brittany Bazile (Part II)

Brittany is fun loving and free spirited. She heats up any event with her outgoing personality. She loves the color Red & is often seen driving the boat with Hennessy for a night on thevtown with friends.
Her favorite artists both local and main stream are: BBG GLOBAL, 2 chains, TI, Wale, & Say yo Feek. With plans to travel the world, Brittany will be exposing her hidden talent of giving great massages one day! With so much going on in the world, Brittany expressed her desire to experience & world free of racism so her son can experience the ideals of humanity witjout prejudice. When asked to share words of encouragement, Brittany said, “Never quit. Dream big. Never settle.”

Kickin The Real – Ashlynn Cleveland Interview with Tubbi of the Nerdy Bird Site

This week on “Kicking The Real” Industry journalist and personality, Tubbi of The Nerdy Bird Site has an opportunity to catch up with our August Model of the Month Ashlynn Cleveland. They discuss how she got into modeling, being ThaAntidote.com August Model of the Month, her career outside of modeling, her blog, so much more in this interview.

September 2019 Model of the Month – Brittany Bazile – Photography by Dennis Films

Brittany Bazile has been an aspiring model since she was a little girl. She was always fascinated with music videos, fashion shows, and America’s next top model!  She always knew her face would be a public figure one day!

Brittany has had the pleasure of working with two agencies in her past, including, Serenity’s Closet out of Lafayette, LA , and Diffuse Elite our of Lake Charles , LA. She has also worked with local artists  such as Mista Cain, HeyDaem (BBG) global, Percy Keith, Fleek, Aesigha , Wade, and more. 
Brittany truly loves what she does. Her passion is to feel free and express her life through photography! She wants others to appreciate her beauty through uniqueness, not exposure.

August 2019 Model of the Month – Ashlynn Cleveland – Photography by Dennis Films

Although Ashlynn has alot of career obligations, she is still a girl that enjoys having fun! 

Her favorite color is bright red & she enjoys her favorite drink; crown apple and cranberry when a night on the town presents itself. She spends much of her down time with her love of creating. She mentions, “Creating videos and other content from nothing and seeing ideas come to life is the best feeling.”

If Ashlynn could change anything in the world, she says, ” I’d like to change how much we pollute & take better care of the Earth and preserve its ecosystems.” 

With modeling, she is placing herself in the heart of the hiphop scene and shared her favorite artists. “My favorite local artist has to be @draydgaf. She’s so beautiful and talented as an upcoming rapper, but she has a beautiful singing voice as well. Mainstream would have to be Beyoncé of course her music is multi dimensional and she’s slain whatever genre you like. But someone different who people wouldn’t think of would have to be Jhene Aiko or Majid Jordan. Jhene’s music puts me on another level and Majid Jordan’s music is so different and addictive.” 
Stay tuned with her by following her on instagram as well as on Youtube. 

Words of encouragement from The August Model of the Month: 
“You can accomplish your dream and make it your reality. Just be persistent and consistent. Do it with all your heart to the best of your ability every time, and you’ll get there sooner than later.” -Ashlynn Cleveland 

With a preview of the models for the upcoming months.

August 2019 Model of the Month – Ashlynn Cleveland – Photography by Dennis Films

Ashlynn Cleveland, 20, is from the culture rich region of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ashlynn is an aspiring influencer who appears on YouTube as (You guessed it!) In addition, she acts as an ambassador and model for unique brands. She trades Forex and is also an enlisted soldier who serves in the United States Army as a Combat Medic.

All professions aside, she absolutely loves volleyball, soul food (cooking and consuming), and all things beauty! Brains, beauty, courage & class! Take a moment to browse her gorgeous portraits and be on the lookout for more this month; exclusively on Tha Antidote.com