October Model of the Month – Stefanie – Photography by Dennis Films

Our October model of the month Stephanie loves Hot pink! She is known for her laid back yet inviting personality. When spending time with the girls, a sex on the beach is easily her favorite. Her favorite type of night out calls for getting real dolled up and going out to  have a good time with friends. In her down time, Stephanie loves listening to music or getting into a good movie. When asked what she’d like to change in the world she responded, “. I’d focus on ending world hunger, I believe no one should go to bed without a hot meal and we have many resources that can end world hunger.” When asked about her favorite local artist Stephanie said. “Dee1 I love his positive energy how he is such a inspiration and role model for the youth. Regarding mainstream, Tink,  Drake, Beyonce and Chris Brown.”

If ever an opportunity to vacationing her dream destination, our girl would love to be on any island. “I would love to lay on a beach with light blue clear water. I’d love to visit the Bahamas.”

When asked to give a word of wisdom to those working towards their dreams, she responded with, “Dont be afraid of rejection, you are your own unique person. “The Key to success is to focus on goals not obstacles”

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