Connecting with the Creator: Ty Solo

Ty Solo is a name you can bet will continue to ring bells. A calming aura, delighting smile, great sense of humor, and a true love and appreciation for the skills and science of artistic expression are just a few things that make him the interestingly unique individual that he is and makes one even more curious about his works of art. An artist of all trades: paintings, logos, photography, clothing, and even playing cards are some forms in which he is able to express his artistic spirit. Stay tuned and read on to learn about how his journey began, tips he has for other artists, and his upcoming projects.

Q: When/where did your love of art first start?
A: My love for art first started at home. I was young and the only child; so, I would usually find myself playing alone. This helped tremendously when it came to developing my creativity.

Q: What was the moment when you knew that being an artist was the career of your life?
A: I always knew being an artist in some form would mold its way around my life’s work. But there was one moment after graduating high school in 2014 and finding myself still enthusiastic about my next new drawing pad reminded me of just how intricate this practice was to my life. I knew then it would take a turn for the best if I ran with it.

Q: Do you have any advice for small town artists that may feel stuck and without resources or avenues to branch out?
A: GO.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as an artist thus far?
A: I have had many proud moments. I try to stay humble, but Erykah Badu freaking loves my work bro! lmfao. She’s a legend.

Q: Where/how do you gain inspiration?
A: I gain inspiration everywhere I go by simply observing.

Q: How would you describe your art style?
A: I’d say my art style is inquisitive. That’s all I have right now. My art style takes on various forms.

Q: You’re an all-around artist: visual, graphics/logos, photography, clothing, home decor, and you even have your own set of playing cards. What keeps you so thirsty for expansion and elevation within the artistic realm?
A: Yes, I am. What quenches my thirst is innovation. I love to try new things and explore different avenues artistically. I love working on a project and seeing it through. I love the entire concept of design. It’s so cool to grasp an intangible idea and give it life.

Q: Tips for those going through artist’s block?
A: Try new things. Step out of routine or just take a break. As creatives we can get so overwhelmed to the point of a blockage, oxymoronically. It’s important to slow down and take your time.

Q: Going back to you being an all-around artist, I know you’ve started dabbling into fashion design with the Solo Kimono. Is this the start of something special? Can we look forward to more clothing designs from Ty Solo?
A: Yes, it is the start of something special. As you know, I love design. I plan on rolling with art and fashion for long term. Definitely expect new drops in the near future.

Q: What new projects should your supporters look out for?
A: Great timing actually. My new photobook TySolo Curio just dropped. It’s the first edition to my Curio Collection, which, if you look up the word “curio”, it is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t want to give away too much, but be on the lookout for some real deal interior.

Q: Where should people go to follow and keep up with everything amazing and new that you plan to immerse yourself in?
A: Go to my website and click “press” or follow me on IG @tysolostudio.

Br.adio Hosts Its 2nd Annual Br.unch Giving a Moment to Reset and Relax for Local Creatives

Br.adio Hosts Its 2nd Annual Br.unch Giving a Moment to Reset and Relax for Local Creatives By: Christie “Caleico” Patrick 

Baton Rouge’s creatives got a much-needed reset before 2021 at BR.adio’s BR.unch 2.0 located  at The Parlor yesterday, Sun., Dec. 27. Music mixed by Bandeaux Pat and a welcoming  ambience created by Vic set the scene. A Jenga table and video game area complete with Mortal  Kombat also entertained guests while Chef Genesis Bobo served traditional southern brunch  dishes, encouraging an atmosphere much like a family gathering, which was the goal of BR.adio  creator Jireh. Jireh started this annual tradition last year as a safe space for artists to gather with likeminded, but diverse, individuals without pressure, although the opportunity to do business is always there. The spirit of growth was ever present, not just within those that attended, but the organization as well, which started on Instagram live but officially blossomed into an incorporated nonprofit this year.  

Vic, the kind host with a radiant smile and self-proclaimed “girl with the gifts”, fit the vibe of the  event as this was her first time bringing her gift of hosting to the forefront after years as an artist focused on poetry, sewing, and acting. Local businesses Zi’Guay, Red House of Socks, and Sunny Side Clothing made their mark, and some sales, by attending as vendors. Some of Baton Rouge’s best musical talent were also in attendance, including local group Freethinkerz,  specifically creator Jay Ones, labelmates Si. and MyNameDwayne, and newest member Robert Grant Jr. When reflecting on the significance of having safe spaces like the BR.unch, Jay Ones sited the camaraderie and networking aspects as key when saying, “It’s cool. I like it, having a space to come kick it with fellow creatives from the Baton Rouge area and others.” 

Thinking of attending the next Br.unch? Then, mark the last Sunday of next year as taken because that’s the date of this event’s next installment. However, you can keep up with this organizations’ growth and other events on Instagram @br.adio. You can also keep up with host Vic (@__thatgirlwiththehair) to see what events she will be hosting next and Bandeaux Pat  (@bandeauxpat) to see what events he will be spinning at or putting on as well. The vendors are  located at @everythingziguay, @redhouseofsocks, and @sunnyside225. Jay Ones (@jayones)  will be dropping the Red Wine EP soon; so, keep an eye out for that. However, you can stay tuned for all projects of the Freethinkerz including Si. (@iseeyousi), MyNameDwayne  (@mynamedwayne), and Robert Grant Jr (@mrgrantjr) at @freethinkerzinc.

Seven Women #SlaytheFlow in Honor of National Women’s History Month (Article)

In honor of National Women’s History Month, #FadetheFlow Sunday became #SlaytheFlow as seven female rappers took center stage at 7 p.m. at Uppercuts Barbershop in Baton Rouge, LA. Tubbi of the Nerdy Bird Site and hosted the event while DJ Legatron Prime spun some of the greatest throwbacks and DJ Slice Dat provided free food, including delicious red beans. Keith Cooper of Blerdish was also on the scene to educate others about the podcast and promote some of the ethnic comics on the market.
After an hour of mingling, Tubbi got the crowd’s attention with a warm welcome and introduction of the first performer of the night. First up was Miss Nina representing Lafayette. She gave the crowd an energizing start as she performed singles from her new mixtape, Tomboi Diva Volume 1: The Beginning. Vitamin Cea stepped up next to deliver an initial dose of Jackson, Mississippi with songs as cool as her demeanor and lyrics just as cleaver. Third to hit the stage was Queen Qui of Baton Rouge; her words gave a taste of her experiences that was sure to resonate with those who knew the reality of the struggle. Yung Jewels, also from Jackson, came next in line. With her project, Earth Day, set to release April 22nd, she delivered a few hard-hitters that had the crowd on the edge of their seats and surely gained her new supporters.  Miss Southn Belle later shook the show up when she combined dope lyrics with her impressive voice, showing herself multi- talented. Ever-growing artist Sycamore then set the forefront ablaze with singles from her mixtape, The Queen, before Idaly Maceano took center stage to deliver a raw closing performance that kept the crowd wanting more.
To end the night, well-known Cannon Da Assassin effortlessly led the cypher with emcees of both sexes leaving the audience breathless. For more information on upcoming projects and where to find music from the ladies of #SlaytheFlow Sunday, follow Miss Nina (@_iammissnina), Vitamin Cea (@thevitamincea), Queen Qui (@_que33nqui), Yung Jewels (@thepaidhipster), Miss Southn Belle (@southnbell), Sycamore (@sycamoretvlive), and Idaly Maceano (@idalymaceano) on Instagram. The next #FadetheFlow Sunday will be at Uppercuts Barbershop April 22nd with submissions beginning April 1st. For information on how to submit to be considered for entry be sure to follow Marcel P. Black (@marcelpblack) on Instagram.
Written by Christie “Caleico” Patrick