Exclusive – B-Thone – Poverty ft Bullet Jones (Video) is proud to present yet another exclusive from Real Profit Ent. This time we have the new video from B-Thone featuring Bullet Jones called “Poverty” produced by super producer Chen & directed by the legendary Joe Mexican. Throughout this video B-Thone takes you through the poverty stricken areas of his home Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Throughout the video B-Thone tells the story of trying to rise through the hard times of not having the riches and necessities that some maybe have inherited without struggling. & Antidote DJs Presents – Showcase Sunday Mixtape Vol.1 Hosted by DJ Amp 2 Da Maxx (Download) is proud to present our 2nd official Showcase Sunday mixtape hosted by Antidote DJ DJ Amp 2 Da Maxx. This mixtape features many of the artists who have graced the Showcase Sunday stage. – Showcase Sunday Vol 2
01 – Reggae Smirk – Keep Pushin On 1 (1:50)
02 – SycaMoore – Goal Diggin’ x Eazy Stackx 2 (3:11)
03 – Jizzle Da Underdog – Sun Don’t Shine 3 (3:14)
04 – Il Duce – Winning 4 (4:01)
05 – General Mark – Bottom Line 5 (3:04)
06 – B-Thone x C Loc x Fiend – Getting Paper 6 (4:26)
07 – JD – uKnowWhatitIs 7 (2:19)
08 – Gocki Boy – Chasin’ A Bag 8 (2:33)
09 – Sean Elliot – Cool 9 (2:47)
10 – GBA – Whole Lotta Gangsta Shit 10 (3:04)
11 – TRU G – Fake Friends 11 (2:52)
12 – Allie Baby x Denisia – No Feelings 12 (3:29)
13 – Irai Ouree – Jobs 13 (2:46)
14 – YNGBA – No Love 14 (3:43)
15 – B Thone x Bullet Jones – Poverty 15 (3:27)
16 – Peppaboy Trill McCoy – She’s The One 16 (2:39)
17 – Keazy Lutchie -BBB (3:06)
18- Jay DaSkreet – Whole Lotta  (3:05)
19 – Savvy – Back on The Road (4:42) – Showcase Sunday Vol 2

Bullet Jones – Blue Collar Blues (Video) is proud to present you an exclusive. We’re debuting Bullet Jones’s new video “Blue Collar Blues” off his upcoming album also titled “Blue Collar Blues”.
On the road to following his dreams Bullet Jones Aka Randy Savage, finds himself at a fork in the road. While pursuing his journey to make an honest living with bars he also acknowledges that the bills don’t. With his girl and his children looking at him to make ends meet it’s still a struggle. As the bills pile up and the rent is due he now finds himself jobless and is now contemplating picking up the strap and returning to the street life. Jones’ message is very relatable and one that has plague our community for years. What will he do to pay the rent and provide a better life for his family?We don’t know yet but we will soon find out with his next single.
Written by Justin Canady NOLA Showcase Sunday Recap Video (Video) & The Nerdy Bird Site took a trip down to New Orleans, Louisiana for a special edition of the Showcase Sunday Series including performances from Baton Rouge & New Orleans artists, Dappa, Young Gage, Almighty Ent, Bullet Jones, LaRizzle, Peppaboy, Mr Marcelo, & Box. It went down at Awakenings Pole & Aerial NOLA, big thanks to them and We Dat Wings for sponsoring the event. The whole night was lit with fun and entertainment.