Bullet Jones – Blue Collar Blues (Album Stream)

After a long wait Bullet Jones has released his debut album “Blue Collar Blues”. Throughout this album Bullet Jones takes you through his life and what he’s experience throughout his 20s. Having to put everything on the back burner working 50+ hours a week to provide for his family trying to make ends meet while at the same time having aspirations of being a factor in the rap game.

Blue Collar Blues featuring Max Minelli, Lil One The Champ, Marcel P. Black, Bezo Luciano, J-Coop of Paid in Amerikka, Chen, & many more with production from DJ B Real, Hardbody B’Eazy, Joe On The Track, Sean Elliot, & Chen.

[bandcamp width=400 height=836 album=1522857205 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=true tracks=3783119846,715680079,1881298153,2586142824,2387756476,1503506799,2539645639,3389939829,1909705990,1043045303 esig=1079f00a7c81553b61e098f898fd4e9f]

ThaAntidote.com Exclusive – Bullet Jones – Stressed Out ft Lil One The Champ (Video)

ThaAntidote.com is proud to present yet another exclusive. We previously debuted Bullet Jones’s first two videos “Blue Collar Blues” & “Pennies” and today we’ll be debuting the continuation of the “Blue Collar Blues” video which is “Stressed Out” shot by Dennis Films and produced by legendary Baton Rouge producer DJ B Real. In “Stressed Out” Bullet Jones continues where he left off in “Blue Collar Blues” with being laid off from his job and figuring out what to do with the bills pilling up, eviction notice, and the stress of taking care of his family. In “Stressed Out” Bullet Jones receives a call from Lil One The Champ about hitting a lick that’ll hopefully turn his misfortunes around and solve some of his problems. Unfortunately for Bullet Jones hitting this lick won’t be as easy as it initially appeared.

B-Thone – MLK-47 (Album Stream)


[bandcamp width=400 height=472 album=1851658537 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=small]
B-Thone is back with his new album “MLK-47”. B-Thone is an artist out of a small town called Donaldsonville, Louisiana. In the town of Donaldsonville B-Thone has lived a storied life going through the ups and downs of living where its’ all about the small town hustle. B-Thone’s been on top as well has seeing the bottom on numerous occasions which makes him so relate-able to the streets.. The purpose of B-Thone naming his album MLK-47 is due to his persona of having talking about the streets in a very vivid and detailed way along with preaching to those the dangers of being in the streets, his gains and losses, and other measurements he’s had to take in his life in order to survive.
MLK-47 features a list of artists including O.G. Big Mike formerly of the Geto Boyz on a remake of Big Mike’s classic record “Havin Thangs”. Also, B-Thone enlist two Louisiana legends on the Remix to his first single “Getting Paper” featuring C-Loc (responsible for discovering talents Boosie Badazz, Max Minelli, Young Bleed, Boo Rossini, and many others) along with Fiend formerly of No Limit Records, Ruff Ryders, and currently with Jet Life. On top of that he enlists features from conscious underground star Marcel P Black along with his longtime friend Joker on the record “F*ck The Police”. On top of that MLK-47 features artists Bullet Jones, Natural, Chen, Tony Tumac, Legend Made, & Draper. MLK-47 is available on all major streaming sites & online retail stores. Or you can purchase it on Bandcamp at https://realprofitent.bandcamp.com/album/b-thone-mlk-47.
For more information on B-Thone and MLK-47 contact realprofitent@gmail.com. Follow Real Profit Ent on Instagram @RealProfitEnt and on Facebook at Real Profit Entertainment.

ThaAntidote.com Exclusive – Bullet Jones – Pennies ft J-Coop (Video)

ThaAntidote.com is proud to present yet another exclusive from Real Profit Ent & Bullet Jones with Bullet Jones’s new video “Pennies” featuring J-Coop of Paid In Amerikka. “Pennies” details Bullet Jones’s childhood and how he got his start as being a grinder who will find a way to hustle to get the things he wants. The video was shot and directed by Dennis Films and produced by Sean Elliot.