COVID Vs the Nation

First off in reference to this article I’d like to say that this an opinion based editorial with some fact checking along with a variety of opinions, assumptions, hearsay, etc. This article is more based off of getting the reader to opening their mind in relation to COVID-19, the vaccination, and how it affects us in our community, city, state, the country, and the world overall.

After a tumultuous 2020 where we got to see firsthand what a worldwide pandemic looks like, it appear that things were starting to get a bit more under controlled with COVID-19. Vaccines had been put in place, social distancing was somewhat being practiced, and to a certain degree we had somewhat of a controlled grasp on what was going on. Well, with any virus there’s always the risk of a virus mutating which is what we’ve now encountered with the delta variant, which initially was first identified in India back in December of 2020. What people must know is that for one the delta strain spreads about 50% faster than the version that first began infection people in late 2019 and according to Andy Slavitt who is a former senior adviser to President Joe Biden’s COVID Response Team he states that “We should think about the Delta variant as the 2020 version of COVID-19 on steroids. According to a report from CNN titled “Why the Delta variant is spreading so much faster than other Coronavirus strains” it states that “If you are unvaccinated, you are at great risk right now,” Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said. “And you should take measures if you’re unvaccinated, like masking, distancing, avoiding indoor gatherings.” More than 97% of people getting hospitalized with Covid-19 now are unvaccinated, Walensky said last week. And 99.5% of deaths are among the unvaccinated, US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said Sunday. Getting people vaccinated as quickly as possible, Murthy said, “is our fastest, most effective way out of this pandemic.” Whether or not you agree with taking the vaccination or not we’ve had a huge increase in COVID related deaths since this whole pandemic has started.

In all honesty, another issue that is on the horizon is the division between vaccinated vs the non-vaccinated people of America. We’ve seen certain restrictions now between those who have been vaccinated in comparison to those who aren’t taking the vaccination. This has caused an uproar due to certain amendments and standards that America was built upon. People often forget that this version of America was built around the rebellion of British citizens of the seventeenth century who refused to compromise held religious convictions and left the continent of Europe. It appears that the same thing is starting to occur but his time in a new form and a new fight. On top of this we’ve got the discussion now of having booster shots to increase the validity of the initial shots that people who are vaccinated to have them protected by these new strands. This whole situation has brought out a lot of bad information, lobbying, and swaying folks for their own agendas. A lot of this is due to the fact that social media has given people the ability to post, comment, and discuss anything without fact checking. In reference to this, I recommend people do their own research in reference to COVID, vaccinations, and the overall numbers as to what’s going on.

In conclusion, this article is really for people to think and give more effort in regards to making your decisions in reference to speaking upon COVID. Stop regurgitating information that we’ve heard on social media that’s being put out there by those who have hidden agendas. Fact check, read, listen, study, research. It’s simple.

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