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225 Day (The Official Baton Rouge Mixtape) Hosted and DJed by DJ PK1

It’s a crazy story behind why this mixtape didn’t release on February 25th and it’s explained by DJ PK1 on the introduction of Disc 1 of this tape. This tape takes you on a journey of the history of the Baton Rouge Golden Ages of Jig featuring many classic records from a slew of Baton Rouge veterans including Boosie, Webbie, Kevin Gates, C-Loc, Level, Nussie, Mouse, Mista Cain, Max Minelli, etc. along with Baton Rouge mainstays and artists who helped cultivate the culture of Baton Rouge including artists and producers like DJ B Real, Da YGz, Da Taliban, The Ville Boyz, Q Red, Young Ready, Thug Brothers, & many more! This tape is perfect to get you set up to hit the club and take a stroll down memory lane. Tomorrow we’ll be hitting you with Part 2 of this masterpiece.

Download it or stream it with the link below

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