Remmy Rasclat – Palm Beach Vibes

Inspired by a show trip to West Palm Beach, Florida is Remmy Rasclat and his latest single “Palm Beach Vibes”. The track puts Remmy’s raspy flow and witty lines in the forefront with slow-burning production behind it. A certain vice also plays a role in the sound here, as shared by Remmy Rasclat himself:
“I was in West Palm Beach, Florida for a show at an art gallery. My buddy Viral and my girlfriend and I were on shrooms for a whole day leading up to the nights showing. I myself was on 2.5 grams maybe more I don’t know. Anyways, the whole day was a vibe I’ve been needing at that point of my career. Shoutout West Palm for the feels and Ft. Lauderdale w/ the fire shrooms.”
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