Antoine The Icon is breaking the code in Hip Hop

A native of the City of Brother Love, Antoine The Icon is a multi-talented performing artist, song writer, producer and engineer.  Launching his pursuit at the age of 12, Antoine The Icon has celebrated over a decade in the genre and culture that he loves – Hip Hop. What started as a coping mechanism when sidelined from sports, has turned into his life’s passion and greatest outlet.
“My music always been a form of expression and coping with the pains of life. I think that is the greatest attribute of my artistry, the ability to make songs that are very easy to relate to.”
– Antoine The Icon

Realistic from the outset, Antoine understands that with success comes more expectation. With his latest releases “Breaking The Code”, and the Mir Fontaine assisted “No Problems” Antoine The Icon has hit a good groove that should continue into the new year.
“My ultimate goal is to make an impact on people as well as the music industry.  I’ve never taken no for an answer and I know there is no such thing as overnight success so consistency is my whole mindset and approach.”
– Antoine The Icon
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