& Urban Flosarus Presents – The Track Meet Beat Battle II (Event)


In order to registration or pre-order your spot click the link below & Urban Flosarus will be bringing the premier Beat Battle Competition in the South to Baton Rouge with the “Track Meet”. It’ll be luxurious event with this being the grand opening of one of the hottest hip hop clothing stores in the industry Imagez Apparel Bar. South Louisiana is known for their legendary producers and distinctive style of production and all of this will be on displayed for the “Track Meet”.
Winning Producer wins special store prizes, an Interview on Syndicated Radio Show Urban Flosarus, & more.
The event will be DJed & Hosted by Moose Harris &ThaAntidote DJs.

Competition (Beat-Battle) Description Details

Multiple Beat-makers compete for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place cash and prizes. The winner and finalists are selected by a panel of special guest and/or celebrity judges. Judging Criteria includes: diverse production skills, creativity, originality, sound quality and complying with rules.
Music Format Rules For Showcase and Competition
– JUMPDRIVE OR LAPTOP is the only accepted format allowed on stage for beat playing. (no mobile devices, no DVDs, no data-discs, no single computer hardware components such as portable hard-drives or memory cards, no internet streaming, no studio equipment, no musical/production instruments, etc…)
– All producers are suggested to bring duplicate audio cd(s) as a good practice, incase of jumpdrive or laptop failure.
Competition (Beat-Battle) Rules and Guidelines
– Each qualifying round is structured as a single elimination tournament bracket-type competition pending on how many producers are involved, pending on the number we’ll have a loser bracket.
– Competitors can NOT use the same beat in one night of competition.
– Each round will instruct a sequence number (the amount of track plays per competitor for the current round; Example: If each producer plays 1 track, this is considered a 1 sequence round, if the round consist of each producer playing 2 tracks this is considered a 2 sequence round, 3 tracks per round = 3 sequence Round … and so forth) and a track style (this details the track type or style of music to play for the current round)
– Each round starts with a coin toss, the toss winner decides who will play the first track in the current round.
– Each track play time is limited to 60 seconds or less. (This is subject to change for special category rounds, please read competition details.)
– A panel of judges decides which of the 2 competitors will advance to the next round, up to the final round. Judging Criteria includes: diverse production skills, creativity, originality, sound quality and complying with competition round instructions.
– In the event of a voting tie from the judge panel, a tie-breaking judge will be selected or the crowd will decide on the tie-breaker.
– If a qualifying round lacks an even amount of competitors, the judging panel can unanimously choose one previous eliminated producer to compete in the following round to balance the competition brackets.
– The final round will consist of the last 4 competitors, after completing the final round, each judge is given a token pack that contains 4 tokens, separately valued at 1 point, 2 points, 3 points, or 4 points, these points will be awarded to each finalist per judge. The producer with the most accumulated points walks away as the 1st Place Winner.
In order to registration or pre-order your spot click the link below

Beat Auction

The Track Meet is a great networking event for all music professionals! The producers get an awesome opportunity to auction their beats to artists, songwriters, and fellow music executives in attendance. The panel has experienced music professionals that share valuable music industry knowledge they’ve gained over the years through their personal journeys with the attendees.
If you rap, sing, songwriter, manager or label you need to be here to network and meet hot new producers! Come check out some dope MUSIC producers of all genres as they showcase their best work on stage and live stream in an innovative beat battle auction competition! We have the most talented beat makers in the game and they are eager for you to hear their new tracks. You can bid and purchase beats at the event. After each competitors has played their tracks we’ll allow for the audience to place a bid at our auction table. The beat will go to the highest bidder and the prices are set based off a producer’s starting price.
In order to registration or pre-order your spot click the link below

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