A complete blend of modern sonic and classic Hip Hop: Mickey Z

As a 21 year old rapper from Brooklyn, NY Mickey Z has impressed some of the purest Hip Hop fans with his knowledge of and respect for the culture as a whole and most importantly true lyricism. Recording for the past 5 years, Mickey Z has compiled a healthy catalog of freestyles and original compositions which have validated the acclaim and potential seen in him by industry insiders alike. His grind has included major footwork as Mickey Z is a staple on the showcasing scene, and even incorporates hand to hand marketing of his material and released projects showing his understanding of the grassroots approach necessary to build a true audience and support system.
His influences include Jay Z, 50 Cent, Nas, Tupac which is reflected in his diction. Calling North Carolina home for the past couple of years has allowed Mickey Z to diversify his portfolio sonically and draw in fans from other regions considering the trend in Hip Hop today. He is comfortable on any beat, as you can rest assured that he will deliver great wordplay. His collaborations with Chase Baker, Casso, Arky, and Googs to name a few have allowed Mickey Z to showcase his talent amongst other true talents, bringing back the art of a dope feature.
“I am out to be one of the greatest artists, period. That has been my goal since day one and in my heart I know I will be. It is a hill I have been climbing for a while now, knowing that it does not come easy. I have no intention of giving up and I know the hard work will pay off.”
That dose of reality is what has drawn many to his brand. His ceiling his high, and his music is a reflection of his true experiences and respect for the genre.
Check out one of my favorites from Mickey Z which features Chase Baker AKA Bakeman Global, Cornerside
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1X8P4K8wNM]

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