Sean Elliot Releases New Music Video for “Cool” (Video Review)

This past Good Friday, rapper Sean Elliot released the music video for his single “Cool” from his current project, Preface, presented by R.E.H.A.B Music, which is available on Spotify. The music video takes place throughout the city of Baton Rouge and gives the feeling of having a chill night out as Sean Elliot is seen hanging out and driving through some of the city’s most known areas past places like Downtown Grocery and Schilttz and Giggles. “Cool” is a laid-back track meant for listeners to just ride and vibe to; it gives similar vibes to the throwback track “Swang” by Trae. In the song’s chorus, he repeatedly says, “This sh*t cool, my ni**a, it’s like me”. This statement is proved to be true time and time again as those who have met the rapper or even just listened to his music will be able to tell he has a laidback nature akin to this single and music video.
As the video goes along, he details some of his everyday experiences and things about him, such as his influences which include MJG, Master P, and Scarface, which can be heard in his smooth flow. So, if you’re looking for good riding music, “Cool” may be just what you need. The “Cool” music video is available for viewing at as well as YouTube.
Written by Christie “Caleico” Patrick

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