Lil Wayne Lawsuit Delayed (News) exclusively reports, Lil Wayne suffered a major setback in his $20 million dollar lawsuit against Universal Music – in which he accuses the label of screwing him out of millions in royalties – with a Federal Court judge not allowing the rapper’s case to continue until his legal battle with Birdman is resolved.
Here’s the latest: July 29th, the Federal Court judge came back with his decision and sided with the label. He agreed that the present case and the lawsuit against Birdman are substantially similar and the outcome of that suit will effect this one.
As a result, the rapper won’t be seeing a $20 million check anytime soon and will have to wait until his suit with Birdman is finished – which could be over a year – to continue on with his claims against Universal Music.
Here’s the backstory: Young Money Entertainment and Lil Wayne have slapped Universal Music Group – with a federal lawsuit accusing them of stealing tens of millions in royalties.
Wayne explained he helped discover and develop such artists as Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga. Per his deal with UMG, he was to be paid a significant percentage of ownership of their recordings along with a cut of other profits.
However, he accused the record label of diverting tens of millions of money they were suppose to pay him to pay off a $100 million dollar debt that Cash Money – founded by Birdman – owed the label.
Wayne said Cash Money was given a $100 millioin advance and Birdman still owes them a total of $60 million. However, he says that none of that debt was his doing and he isn’t a party to that agreement.
The label is accused of diverting profits from Drake, Tyga and Nicki Minaj – which was to be paid to Wayne – and using it to pay off Birdman’s massive advance debt to them.
Wayne filed suit demanding in excess of $20 million dollars from Universal Music.
The record label headed to court and filed docs to stay the entire case until the outcome of Wayne’s legal battle with Birdman. They argued the two cases are substantially similar but the rapper fired back and said they aren’t at all related.
He demanded the judge not allow Universal Music to stay his case and to allow him to continue on.

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