We decided to do a special on ThaAntidote.com for you all with the Special Edition Model of the Winter. Throughout the next weekwe’ll be posting photos from our Model of the Winter Cory. Cory was recently featured in B-Thone’s latest video “Brand New” and Chaysuh’s video “Scared To Love”.

Here is Cory’s bio directly from Cory herself.

Hey there ThaAntidote.com gorgeous followers and subscribers. It’s Chacory Turner here. I’m a Texas girl who migrated all the way to Louisiana to be closer to family. I’m currently an insulator for Brand in the industrial engineering field. I am attending to school to become a Instrumentation Specialist as well as getting a degree in Operations. Modeling has always be a passion of mine, so in my spare time I video model as well as model clothing for starting businesses. You can keep up with me on Instagram @prissypcp, or by email at chacoryjayne@yahoo.com for any future bookings.

Throughout the next week we’ll have more photos from the photoshoot posted.



ThaAntidote.com - Cory - 0511

ThaAntidote.com - Cory - 0515

ThaAntidote.com - Cory - 0484




ThaAntidote.com - Cory - 0448


ThaAntidote.com - Cory - 0410


ThaAntidote.com - Cory - 0310