Since we haven’t done a variation of one of our most popular segments “Bad Bag of Dope” we decided to change it up and bring something new this week. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the famous Pimp C line “Take that monkey shit off you embarrassing us”.  Well, basically this segement is about folks who need to cut it out and get their mind right.

A lot of this stuff I run across places like Niketalk, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Yall check it out

LIke come on son!! You a grown man. How you going to stunt on a bike. Not a motorcycle, but a bicycle.


If this is what negros replaced with Tall Ts and Girbuads please bring them back…



I guess she got the McDonalds logo because she “built in the shape of a hashbrown”.



You forgot your TV stand baby.



This negro ought to be ashamed of him self looking like…