Just Landed – Episode 11 – Sha Boogie, Yannie, Biggz, & Jade Angelle – Is Courting Dead?

We’re 11 episodes in into “Just Landed” a show hosted by International Joe featuring a panel of opinionated people who express their views on a variety of topics and subjects varying from current news to hypothetical questions and answers about life situations. On this episode of “Just Landed” we have a panel of Sha Boogie, Yannie, Biggz, & Jade Angelle.

Rari’s World – Episode 1 – Why I’m Single

In this new series powered by ThaAntidote.com, Rari Cain takes you into her world from the life of an Instagram Influencer, Model, Mother, Navy Vet, Dancer, Entrepreneur, & more, Rari has a ton of life experiences and career events to discuss to enlighten people about the life she’s endured so far.

The Champagne Hour PodShow – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Relations, Ship or Sink

In Baton Rouge, there’s a time & place for everything. This is the place where the city comes to discuss, debate, showcase, promote, and give feedback in ONE hour, over unlimited champagne. Your informative Joce. We’ve skipped straight to Season 2 and in the first episode the host Champagne Purpy has guest @juanthousandd, @bigsyddyydreams, & @only.1buwop23 on the show