Nes Bandit – Paper's Legit (Video)

Rapper Nes Bandit presents the Ken Floyd-directed music video for “Paper’s Legit”, the new Mo Reese-produced single from Black Nobility, his new album featuring Murs, Alexis Garrett and Mizzori. The son of a retired preacher, Nes was raised in the Philadelphia suburb of Mount Laurel, NJ before moving to Indianapolis to further his career in pharmaceutical sales, becoming one of the only three African American male reps in the entire state. Swearing off corporate America, he resigned on Labor Day 2016 and began work on Black Nobility, which he calls “the story of a 32-year-old Hebrew male in a racially divided America.” The album is produced by his Summa Cum Loudly team Mo Reese, Masonthatrack and Darryl Hoffman, and mastered by Stanley Greene Jr., the engineer behind records for Rihanna, Big Sean and Wale. His last release was the 2015 EP New World Idol (listen). Nes calls his new single “a metaphor for me bossing up by investing solely into my art without having to rob, steal, or kiss ass for a record deal. I mentally train daily in the school of Dame Dash, Dr. Claude Anderson, Tariq Nasheed, and Boyce Watkins to name a few. Black empowerment begins by investing in yourself first, then investing in other black businesses. Whether it is a police officer, judge, or music exec questioning my success, I am proud to say that my investments and income have come from years of building wealth in corporate America. I walked away on my own terms to pursue my passions in music entertainment. I am not the typical rapper bragging about finessing and illegal street money to finance my art. This is how you level up!” Black Nobility is now available exclusively at