Kill Yourself Vol.1 (Online Video Gaming)

Is it really that serious? Every once in awhile when we have free time one of the things we here at the Antidote might like to do is cut on the XBOX and play a few games online. One thing we have taken notice is how many people take the games so serious online.
I recently played about 5-6 games of NBA2K13 online and the things people do and how serious they are is amazing.  People will do anything to avoid taking that L.  I  recently played against one guy who paused the game every time a shot went up, after every foul, and pretty much any time the game would allow him to pause it he would. It became extremely annoying over time. It’s like guys online have such a big problem accepting defeat that they have to go and do anything possibly to either annoy you, glitch you out a win, or just straight up piss you off to the point of possibly quitting.

With a game like NBA2K13 and having quite a few games under my belt online I’ve found that there are lot of flaws  and glitches to the game that seems like people exploit way too much. For instance, I recently started playing a mode called “My Team” in My Team you basically can buy any NBA players you want and make a team out of them. The thing is that most people’s teams are outrageously good, glitched, or some other bull along those lines.  I’ve played against guys who bought a team full of three point shooters and shoot up to 30 threes a game. To say that’s unrealistic is an understatement.  I’ve seen guys pretty much take off anywhere in the front court with Lebron James and dunk regardless of how and where the defense is sitting. I’ve notice that people have taken advantage of the fact that you can’t block dunks on the game which is ridiculously.  I’ve also notice how much signature skills, spin moves, and up in unders are way too effective in the game. I’ve played against guys online who have literally spun 20-30 times in a game because they can’t create their own shot any other way.
To me it’s extremely wack to play in games online where guys abuse the glitches, flaws, etc to the point of doing it just to simply say you got a win. At the end of the day is it really that serious? Me personally I think folks who take the game that serious should honestly kill themselves.