Martinez Vs Cotto Predictions

This Saturday we have possibly one of the biggest bouts of the year in Sergio Martinez Vs Miguel Cotto. The implications of this fight can change the whole scale in multiple weight divisions. If Cotto can pull off the upset (which it is) this leads to opportunities to fight Mayweather, Canelo, or pretty much anyone else on a major scale. If Martinez wins he has the option of retiring as one of the greatest, fighting GGG, or even rematching Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The biggest factor coming into this fight is what condition Martinez is in. He’s had multiple major injuries in the last few years and in his last fight against Murray it’s evident that these injuries are catching up with him. If Martinez comes in into this fight at anything less than 80% percent it will be a long night.
Martinez style based off of having the athletic ability to move around the ring and catch his opponents off guard. If Martinez cannot do this throughout the fight I believe Cotto is a live dog who will break Martinez down round by round. Cotto has a lot on the line. A victory leads to him making history as the first Puerto Rican to win titles in 4 different weight divisions. A loss could possibly end his career or know him out of relevancy. You could argue and say that Cotto has lost the majority of his big fights and losing another one could possibly take him out the game.
In the end I think Martinez will stop Cotto in the 10th round. This is all under the impression that Martinez is at least 80% coming into this fight. I just believe he is the bigger man, the bigger punch, and when in the right shape and condition he’s the more active fighter. He’s also shown the heart of when he’s been put down to get back up and still win the fight. I will say that Cotto has looked impressive in his last fight, seems to be in great shape, and seems to get back to what made him successful now that he’s training with Freddie Roach.
Martinez by stoppage in the 10th round.