Hella High Episode 22 – Lil One The Champ

Hella High is a show on ThaAntidote.com hosted by Antidote A&R Legend Made. On “Hella High” Legend Made discusses Weed, Weed Culture, and the effect it has on the Hip Hop Industry. In this episode of “Hella High” Legend interviews Baton Rouge recording artist Lil One The Champ and they discuss a variety of topics like their starts in smoking, how it effects their music, favorite strands, and much more in this episode.

ThaAntidote.com Exclusive – Bullet Jones – Stressed Out ft Lil One The Champ (Video)

ThaAntidote.com is proud to present yet another exclusive. We previously debuted Bullet Jones’s first two videos “Blue Collar Blues” & “Pennies” and today we’ll be debuting the continuation of the “Blue Collar Blues” video which is “Stressed Out” shot by Dennis Films and produced by legendary Baton Rouge producer DJ B Real. In “Stressed Out” Bullet Jones continues where he left off in “Blue Collar Blues” with being laid off from his job and figuring out what to do with the bills pilling up, eviction notice, and the stress of taking care of his family. In “Stressed Out” Bullet Jones receives a call from Lil One The Champ about hitting a lick that’ll hopefully turn his misfortunes around and solve some of his problems. Unfortunately for Bullet Jones hitting this lick won’t be as easy as it initially appeared.