Basketball & BS 5-30-17 Finals Preview Episode (Podcast)

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From Basketball & BS
We break down the 2017 NBA Finals in our preview. We make our picks and discuss who we want and think who will win. We also take time to discuss the stupid MJ vs Bron debates that been popping up while we wait for the finals.
BS Section: We discuss the catsfish job by Unique Brissett II. The man fooled and shamed highly paid recruiting staffs… and we love it! New Mexico AD likes to party with your money overseas. We give out a #StupidMcdupid award to a very ironic big game hunting death. We end on a high note with the good stuff as always as we acknowledge excellence around world.
We want to give a shoutout to Leslie for her hard work on our new website, You can get our pods, write ups, merchandise in one easy location.

B & BS Episode 19 – Olympic Wrap Up, National Anthem Controversy (Podcast)


New eipisode of B & BS. Today we wrap up the Olympics. We discuss the men’s basketball winning gold, but does it mean anything?

In the BS section, We discuss Colin Kapernick taking a stand. We discuss weird/interesting side of things that happen in Rio. We also discuss rich people trying to get the public to fund their football stadiums, a teacher in Indy don’t rock with Kelvin Durant easy rides, and we end with the good stuff.