Take That Monkey Ish Off (Bonus Edition)

Monkey on a stick? I don’t know if yall ever heard of Bo-Taoshi but it’s sort of like a capture the flag type game. This is the description given on youtube
“This is an amazing, chaotic and dangerous game that has been played in Japan for around 50 years! 75 defenders hold up a pole against 75 attackers. For the defenders to win the pole must not tip above 30 degrees for 3 seconds in a 2 or 3 minute time period.” 
Just look at the video and check out this bullshit.
I don’t know what’s the deal but I’ve been seeing this a lot lately. Not much to
comment other than the fact that they are idiots.
Unfortunately I can’t embedded this particular link but I must say this is the epitome of “Take That Monkey Shit Off”. Dude was so serious about it too.