Paco – Shook Ones: Water Bugs Dissertation (Video)

New record from Paco, one half of the headlining duo of The Monastery Music Collective out of Birmingham [Pleasant Grove] Alabama. This is there most recent visual for a Free Verse he did over Mobb Deep’s Shook Ones entitled “Shook Ones: Water Bugs Dissertation.”  This track is from their latest compilation project called “The Genesis” featuring Paco and Carlos Charm released by The Monastery.
This track in particular is a part of a series of songs inspired by Paco’s personal connection with the the character Water Bug from the movie Friday Night Lights, in which he channel his emotions as an introverted underdog to propel himself into a position of triumph by overcoming the obstacles he face (whether they be internal or external). The visual parallels the aggressive tone of the song in order to display the hunger and tenacity Paco approach rap and his ambitions in the same light as Water Bug.  For years, The Monastery, has struggled to break out of Birmingham (Alabama in general) due to it not being a hot zone for emerging talent, in addition not making the trap-style music that is synonymous with the South. In response they have started their own 4th Quarter campaign called “4’s Up” which will include a relentless release of new product (this video being the first).