Travis Taylor releases "Writer" video

Maryland born but California based singer / songwriter Travis Taylor considers himself Neo in the matrix, with a voice. Taking his listeners on a passionate ride of passion and eargasms. The young writer has always been categorized as talented beyond his years.   His transparent lyrics and exotic melodies have found a way to spark a new conversation on how we as people can become further in tuned without inner most thoughts and desires. 

” My Musical content is a mixture of culture, spirituality, politics, relationships, and sex. Aaliyah’s debut album was my bible as a kid.  Other influences of mine include Tupac, Bob Marley, Nas, Lauryn hill, and Erykah Badu.

A little over two years ago Travis made the move from the DMV area to the sunny skies of California.  With a new focus, he hit auditions after auditions, networking events, and studios. 

“No Sleep is the best way to describe my life when I first moved to Cali.  I was stripped down to my rawest of points and alone, which made me build a family within this business.”

First came the music video appearances then a few indie movie roles while searching for the right opportunity for his music.   A chance meeting with Director/D.P. Theo Hyppolitte changed things.  Learning the dynamics behind the scene of film, television and music sharpened Travis Taylor’s mind. Eventually he would meet Juan Negrete and all systems were a go. In the last 2 years Travis has recorded 3 E. P’s one of which Clairvoyant hit the market this past December lead by his first single, Writer.   Travis has dropped off the visual for the follow up single “Assumin.”