Just Landed – Episode 2 – Joe Biden’s lack of Support for Blacks, Mask Mandates, Threesomes, & More

It’s a new series added to ThaAntidote.com and it’s called “Just Landed” featuring a panel of opinionated people who express their views on a variety of topics and subjects varying from current news to hypothetical questions and answers about life situations. On the second episode of “Just Landed” we have a panel of music artist Quikkdraw, author and business owner Kween,, recording artist General Mark, and business owner/host of Pressure Jazzy. On this episode we discuss Joe Biden, Mask Mandates, Threesomes & some more hard hitting questions on this episode of Just Landed.

Jay Michael Brings the Funny to Baton Rouge

Jeuane Michael Sessions, better known as Jay Michael, is set to open Eat, Laugh, & Chill LLC in Baton Rouge, La. Sessions is an established entrepreneur in the comedy world and has made a name for himself in the Atlanta and cruise line comedy circuit, selling out shows in both. The comedy club is set to open soon at 7171 Airline HWY Suite 3, but Sessions has already been kicking things off in a major way by having social media comedian and personality Tim Bae touch the stage of the event center at March 20th. Initially, this event was set to have one show, but, after selling out, a 2nd show was added for the same night. Kerwin Claiborne also set the stage on fire April 23rd with his two completely sold-out shows. Once open, Eat Laugh & Chill LLC will have shows each week with some of the greatest comedians around the world giving the audience some of the best laughter that you can have.

Now, don’t think big names like Time Bae and Kerwin Claiborne will just be the start of this amazing venture either because Sessions will continue to book and hold big name events while the comedy club roars on. Big name events will continue to be held at the event center and the regular comedy shows will take place at the Airline Hwy address.

When asked about his plans for his new platform in the city and what his aspirations are for the future of Laugh, Eat, and Chill LLC, Sessions states, “My shows are very hype, and I just want to bring great events to the city. I want to give the people something that they can respect, and I’m going to make some people famous one day.”

Are you a comedian who has what it takes but needs an audience to appeal to? Well, you may want to reach out to Jay Michael at Laugheatandchill@gmail.com to get more details on how you can get a shot at showing the city what you have to offer.

Interested in keep up with the opening date along with the weekly comedy shows and big names coming to Baton Rouge’s hottest new comedy club? Follow Eat Laugh and Chill on Instagram to stay up on the latest and greatest in comedy coming to Baton Rouge.