R.I.P. Zoe Realla + His Last Video

This past Friday Baton Rouge lost a staple in the Rap/Hip Hop Community when Lorenzo Dixon aka Zoe Realla was shot while sitting in a car at Yo Way Audio April 22 at about 2 p.m. We here at ThaAntidote.com want to send our condolences to all of Zoe’s family & friends. Here’s some of the best of Zoe.

From our understanding this was Zoe’s last video called “Stick & Move” shot by Str8 Up Ent.

This was easily one of Zoe’s biggest anthem’s and I think this song will carry on even after his death.

This was one of the first videos we seen of Zoe and it was quite a cinematic shoot with a very realistic statement & meaning behind it.

One thing we notice in a lot of situations Zoe worked as a facilitator/big dawg type role in the Baton Rouge community and these two record featured some of the younger talents he was closely affiliated with.

Even though Zoe was from “Across the River” he also made a name for himself in the Sherwood neighborhood and this video was basically showing his appreciation to those who accepted him as being apart of Sherwood.
All in all Zoe had plenty of potential to possibly make some moves in the industry but unfortunately had to have his life taken. Wether or not you agreed with his lifestyle we hate to see such a young life especially with potential be taken away before ever reaching or entering their prime. R.I.P. to Zoe Realla.

Zoe Realla in Critical Condition (News)

Police are investigating a possible shooting that left one with life-threatening injuries Saturday.
Baton Rouge Police Department responded to calls in the 330 block of Wayne Dr. at approximately 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.
One male victim has been transported to a local hospital with apparent life-threatening injuries, according to BRPD.
The investigation is on-going.”
We’ve featured Zoe Realla’s music numerous times on ThaAntidote.com and wanted the fans to know  to keep Zoe Realla in your prayers as he maintains to keep his life as he recovers from this horrendous shooting.