Webbie Wants God to Handle Alton Sterling Cops Not Prison (Video)

The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile has everyone up in arms in protest and strategized boycotts. Although these actions may not bring back the countless black lives that died at the hands of police; celebrities, activist, and millions worldwide are trying to raise awareness on police brutality and their targeted tactics. When the shooting video of Sterling in Baton Rouge, La. went viral, the incident stirred hundreds of protests and prompted rapper Webbie to head to his hometown to be around those affected by the traumatic event.
During his interview with DJ Vlad, the “Independent” rapper called the situation “crazy” and recalled his personal run-in with police. While talking about Boosie’s claims that police allegedly stole jewelry from his home, he says he has had the same experience. “I came to my house and took some money. We went to the people, and we took the test and everything,” he said regarding a polygraph test.
When the topic of legalities and incriminating the officers involved in the shooting came up, Webbie explained he believes jail wouldn’t suffice and that only a higher power will give them their final judgement one day. “Lock him up and put him in jail, uh-uh,” He said, “God’s [going] to work the play.”