Kickin The Real – Season II – Jayarson Interview with Tubbi of the Nerdy Bird Site

Tubbi’s officially back with a second season of “Kickin The Real”. This season Tubbi’s interviewing the biggest and brightest starts in the region including artists, actors, entertainers, and more. In this first episode of the new season Tubbi is sitting down with one of the hottest artists coming out of New Orleans, Louisiana in Jayarson. They discuss how Jayarson got started, the music scene in New Orleans, Master P acknowledging his records, & a game of word association!SHOW LESS


Written by Tubbi of the Nerdy Bird Site

On July 21, 2020 the Chicago born, Mississippi raised lyrical veteran Jay DaSkreet is set to release his latest single, “I’m Onnnit“. With his fans waiting patiently for his new music, I think that this track is going to appeal not only to them but to music lovers, influencers, and thinkers alike. Given an opportunity to recieve an exclusive copy of this track, its been apart of my playlist for about two weeks now and I’m excited to share with you some of the things you can look forward to from Jay and his latest work.

The single runs for approximately three minutes and twenty seconds and was produced Sunny Dizzle (member of the Powerhouse Production Team SteakSawse90). This particular single holds such a laid back smokers vibe but is still filled with a host of lyrical puns, metaphors, double entendres, and witty word placement throughout his expressive story telling that everyone can find something to relate to.

Jay Daskreet

Now if you have had an opportunity to experience work from Jay, you know he has a real smooth sound coupled with a Big Boy flow. He loves to use different types of lyrical combination to create dope tracks. On this track specifically, he takes what we love about his sounds and presents it to us in a real organic and emotionally connected manner. He expresses what many of us have felt, the desire to be wanted, and he takes us on a subtle yet sexy journey through his erotic tale of releasing that said desire. Expressing his need for detachment from the world while still desiring the contection of the flesh, Jay Daskreet has created a steamy tale that can be used in so many settings. Love making gangsta music? Is that a thing yet? If not, I think Jay has tastefully accomplished the merging of the two worlds.

Giving us something to ride to, chill to, smoke and vibe to, as well as potentially make love to, Jay has created a uniquely structured piece that highlights the sensual nature and desires of black men that may otherwise go untold. Expressing the need for solitary while seeking certain love languages in order to reach a level of balance can be taken from this piece as you vibe. He finds away to trigger your senses as you journey through the track allowing you to play out the events on your own way. You can tap in to an exclusive link below for a snippet of “I’m Onnnit” as well as the link to pre order it via Bandcamp! Remember, this single will be available for download on July 21st! Lock in Now! It’s def a vibe that we suggest you experience!

The Nerdy Bird Site is giving the single “I’m Onnnit” and all the individuals involved in the overall execution and productoon of it 5 Stars for innovation! 4 Stars for Lyrical Content! 4 Stars for Culture! 5 Stars for Highly influential vibes! & 4 Stars for Dopeness!

If you are looking for something unique, a truth that you can relate to, vibe and elevation with, check him out. If you can vibe with it, support him in his efforts and share his passion. If not, no sweat, you received your first insight right here at The Nerdy Bird Site! Stay tuned as we continue to follow the unsigned hype of these up and coming local artist. You may find your next favorite song, art work, artist, muse, photographer, MUA etc. right here!

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