Cuttin Up With Jimi Jump – Episode 22 – Mista Matt of S.C.C. is proud to present yet another new series called “Cuttin’ Up with Jimi Jump”. For those who don’t know Jimi Jump is an artist/barber from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who’s had an extensive background on the hip hop culture along with being one of the more known socialites in the city of Baton Rouge.

In episode 22 Jump had the opportunity to interview Mista Matt of South Coast Coalition. For those who don’t know Matt is a pioneer to Baton Rouge Hip Hop and has had his hands on many things in Baton Rouge from records, movies, & more. Matt touches on the new S.C.C. album, the movies & documentaries, the industry, & more in this episode of “Cuttin Up With Jimi Jump”. Exclusive – Kickin The Real – S.C.C. Interview with Tubbi of the Nerdy Bird Site (Video)

This week, Industry journalist & personality Tubbi of The Nerdy Bird Site conducts an interview with Baton Rouge artist/director/pioneer Mista Matt of South Coast Coalition. Matt & Tubbi discuss S.C.C.’s new album, the Baton Rouge documentary “Diamonds in the Dirt”, working on movie sets, the new reality show, and so much more on this episode of” Kickin The Real”.