NBA 2016-2017 Breakout Players (Sports)

Every season there are players in the NBA who are ready to breakout and make a splash in the new season. Here are some of the players we here at ThaAntidote think will have breakout seasons this year.

  1. Devin Booker – Devin Booker has the potential to easily be a top 3 shooting guard in the league. While he still has certain aspects of his game to work on including his defense you can’t deny getting buckets. He played in the Summer League this past summer and it showed he was too talented for that. It’s pretty obvious the Suns believe in him by sending Brandon Knight to the bench.  If Booker can show he’s consistent, this might be the next Ray Allen right here.
  1. TJ Warren –If you are a Suns fan (I know it’s not that many of yall) then you know it’s some potential on this team. The Suns have another sleeper player on their team and it’s TJ Warren. TJ Warren has the scoring ability to be at least another Danny Granger. Coming into the league he was a mid-range assassin and has expanded his game to the three point line. In small ball situations you can put him in at the 4 and he can still be effective. The only thing holding Warren back is him coming off the bench for PJ Tucker. If TJ can either get that starting role or maybe get placed in a trade for a team who needs a scoring small forward (Hello New Orleans) he’ll show his potential.
  1. Joel Embiid – If you been watching 76ers Preseason Basketball (which I know many of you aren’t) you’ll notice that Embiid is the truth. He’s only playing 15.6 MPG and is putting up some solid numbers. He’s shown a variety of skills so far this preseason including protecting the rim, guarding guards/forwards on the perimeter, three point range, posting up, and rebounding. If Embiid can stay healthy the 76ers will have to move Okafor and/or Noel for some pieces that will fit around him. Believe it or not, Joel Embiid might just be worth the wait.
  1. Jabari Parker – Honestly, coming out the draft a few years ago Parker was the more well defined player out of the top two picks (him and Wiggins). Wiggins game at the time was raw while Parker’s skill was already determined and that was scoring in a variety of different ways. With Parker going down with an ACL injury and having a year to recover people I think forgot what he is capable of doing. This season will be the season to see what Parker is all about. With Kris Middleton going down for a good portion of the season, the scoring load will fall back on Parker. He’s a top 2 pick who shows he has “Mad Skillz” and those skills should be on display this season.


  1. Jordan McRae –Jordan McRae is the wild card out this bunch. In many ways he’s a scoring wing. The only thing is that he’s on a championship team that might not have the minutes for him to show what he has nor do they really need his scoring. People forget at the end of last season he produced 36 points, along with four rebounds and seven assists in 47 minutes. I believe the reason why he played so much this preseason was basically an exhibition of his skills so they could possibly trade him off for another veteran piece. If he can land somewhere else or get more minutes I think people will see his value.
  1. Myles Turner – Since coming out of high school, for the most part Myles Turner has been fast tracked. Looking at his numbers in college you would think he would still be in school but it’s pretty apparent the potential is too much to pass up. Even in these early stages of his career Turner has shown he can shoot the mid-range and spread the floor for his wings to get to the basket. Even in reduced minutes he’s put up solid numbers and honestly with him being so young you know he’s only going to get better. He’s on a team where he won’t be the focus but can go out there and still produced and put up solid numbers.
  1. Tim Frazier – Tim Frazier is a solid PG who I think most people aren’t familar with. While he might not be starter material he’s definitely good enough to be in someone’s rotation. He’s a solid assist man and is a good rebounder for a guard his size. With Jrue Holiday not being with the team to start the season off this will be the perfect time for Frazier to show off his talents.


  1. Aaron Gordon – The potential is there. The problem that might occur for Aaron Gordon is that there are too many big men on this Magic team. I’ve heard all preseason about Aaron Gordon playing the Small Forward position but I’m not sure how well that will work. I think at the Power Forward position he has the potential to be a Kenyon Martin like player. He can defend, rebound, and score a little bit. Now, him playing the Small Forward position will be like back when they had guys like Jerome Kersey playing SF in the late 80s-early 90s. The issue with that is that it’s 2017 where perimeter shooting and spacing is being preached at an all time high.  If Aaron Gordon can adjust to being at the SF he could be in for a breakout season and if not someone will be traded out that front court this season.

Honorable Mention
Zach Lavine – If they get everything figured out in Minnesota and get their roles a bit more defined Zach could be up for a breakout season. In the past he’s bounced between both guard positions when in reality they should just let him focus in one position and let him flourish from there.