Los Jugadores – Pásame la Botella (Video)

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We recently got a submission from one of the hottest Mexican groups out Los Jugadores and their latest video Pásame la Botella.  To be honest this is like their on genre of music. It’s a blend of styles and genres put into one. Here’s the press release for the record to give you an idea of who Los Jugadores are.
Urban Latin music group Los Jugadores challenges Presidential candidate Donald Trump to relax views on U.S. – Mexico border wall opinions.
A United States based urban music group has recently addressed the controversial opinions of Presidential hopeful Donald Trump in their latest video release. Rapper duo Los Jugadores (The Players) have released the video for their latest single “Pásame la Botella” (Pass me the Bottle) in response to recent statements made by Trump. The video features lookalikes of President Barack Obama and business magnate Trump, as they meet to discuss the potential building of a new wall at the United States-Mexico border.
Presidential candidate Donald Trump came under fire from Latino groups at the start of his campaign, after the billionaire proclaimed that Mexico sends people “bringing crime” to the United States. Trump has also stated that if elected President, he would “build a great wall” at America’s southern border, and force Mexico to cover the building expenses.
Representing two major cities in the Southern United States, two Mexican-American rappers have generated attention over a popular new subgenre of Latin music, and have set their comedic sights on Donald Trump. Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Joe Mexican, along with Houston-born artist J Mines, have teamed up as “Los Jugadores” in order to create a new sound in urban music. This new genre, dubbed “Cumbia Flow,” is performed in both English and Spanish. The music combines Cumbia rhythms and instrumentation with beats typical to that of Southern rap music.
In the video for Pásame la Botella, a surly Donald Trump impersonator is seen making plans to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Los Jugadores disrupt the meeting, entertaining the attendants until Trump can’t resist the urge to join in the festivities. Although the video contains political satire, rapper Joe Mexican describes Pásame la Botella as a party song, particularly for hard-working Latinos living in the United States. “We work really hard all week, and sometimes even the weekend,” Joe explains, adding “But once you clock out, you want to have a beer, have fun and party.”
Within weeks of being uploaded to Facebook, the video for Pásame la Botella had already received 68,000 views. As of December 2015, Pásame la Botella has been ranked in the top 10 of the National Latin Dance Pool Chart as compiled by DJ Times Magazine. The song was produced by D-A-M, written and arranged by J Mines and Joe Mexican.
Through the release of the video for Pásame la Botella, urban music duo Los Jugadores hope to encourage politicians such as Donald Trump to view Hispanic immigrants in a more positive light. In releasing the new video, the group also hopes to encourage the growth of “Cumbia Flow” music throughout America. Houston rapper Jaime Mines states “Our focus is to make Los Jugadores a household name by expanding our genre of music.” Pásame la Botella is currently available on iTunes, and will be featured on a self-titled Los Jugadores album slated for release summer 2016.
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About Los Jugadores:
Los Jugadores are a Mexican-American rap group based in the Southern United States. In 2006, Baton Rouge by way of Mexico City rapper “Joe Mexican” had been actively promoting his song “Sueño Callejero”. Texas rapper Jaime Mines discovered the song online, and suggested to Joe that they collaborate as a duo.
Both rappers noted that despite the booming Hispanic populations of Texas and Louisiana, most Latino rappers in their areas weren’t incorporating Mexican sounds into their music. By combining Mexican cumbia with Southern Hip-Hop, the duo created a new subgenre that appealed particularly to younger Hispanics living in America.
The group has performed live at a variety of music festivals, and most recently at the famed Varsity Theater in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Their self-titled debut album “Los Jugadores” is slated for release Summer 2016.
About Joe Mexican:
Joe Mexican is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper, producer, and director of both music videos and movies. After several years working as an on-air personality for WEMX Max 94.1 radio in Baton Rouge, the native of Mexico City, Mexico was featured in local publications such as The Advocate newspaper. Joe has been instrumental in the establishment of area music recording studios, in addition to mixing and editing songs for a variety of artists.
For more than 15 years, Joe Mexican has been actively involved in the shooting of over 30 feature films. His most recent directorial effort was “Exit 44,” starring actor Tom Sizemore. Joe has directed over 130 music videos for established rappers such as Juvenile, and for dozens of record labels including Cash Money Records.
About J Mines:
Jaime Mines is a Mexican-American rapper, and a native of Houston, Texas. His father Joaquin Mines played the guitar and sang in Spanish, which offered a young Jaime an appreciation for Latin music.
As a teenager, Jaime ran away from home, seeking refuge in a car parked outside of a seedy Houston apartment complex. Surrounded by drugs and violence, Jaime quickly adapted to street life, so as not to become prey to criminals. Ultimately, the aspiring rapper turned to music as a means of improving his life.
The Houston Hip Hop artist released the popular mixtape “Get Ferria, Give them Guerra” before collaborating with rapper Joe Mexican. After the birth of his daughter, Mines took a several-year hiatus from working in the music industry. In 2015 he returned to recording and performing, and has continued to collaborate with fellow rapper Joe Mexican as part of the group Los Jugadores.
Pásame la Botella on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pasame-la-botella-single/id1022868505