TBS -Bob Arum Fires Shots At MGM Grand & Mayweather

This one here is not necessarily funny but I still find it to be some bullshit.
For the people who don’t know who Bob Arum is he’s the promoter of Top Rank which is the main competitor to Golden Boy Promotions. Mayweather deals almost exclusively with Golden Boy. Mayweather was also a former Top Rank fighter until he realized Bob Arum had stolen way too much money from him. Also, Manny Pacquiao is a Top Rank fighter. So do the math from there.

Mayweather vs Canelo Predictions (Sports)

With one of the biggest fights this century coming up, we here at Tha Antidote would like to give our predictions on  this weekend Mayweather/Alvarez mega fight.
You got two guys coming into this fight undefeated.  Mayweather is coming in with a record of 44-0 and Canelo is coming into the fight with a record of 42-0.  Canelo is only 23 with this many fights under his belt. You could argue that Mayweather’s competition has been a lot more stiff. If you go down the line he has victories over Marquez, Cotto, Hatton, De La Hoya, Judah, Corrales, and many more. Especially in comparison to Canelo who’s biggest victory was probably his last one when he defeated Austin Trout.
One of the main reasons why Mayweather continues to be undefeated is that he’s a mastermind in the ring. Floyd posses extremely surprising punching power and is incredibly quick, Even with him possessing those attributes,it’s his defense and him being a ring tactician which has allowed him to be a force even in the later stages of his career. Floyd is extremely patient, makes adjustments on the fly, and knows exactly when to counter and when to let his hands go. Overall, he’s probably the smartest boxer of this generation.
Canelo on the other hand shows that having youth on your side matters. Canelo is very powerful, deceivingly quick, and is a lot bigger than your average welterweight. Canelo’s main advantage in this fight is youth, power, and strength.  Canelo has shown that he can knock guys out. While some believe that he doesn’t posses elite punching power, you have to believe if he catches Floyd solid he could put him down. The question is, will that be enough for Floyd?
Overall, I think the fight has the potential to being a great one with many different scenarios going down. If it’s fair to have two predictions I do believe that Floyd will dominate this fight regardless. The question is can he prevent from being caught with the big blow for a whole 12 rounds. There is no doubt I think Floyd will outbox Canelo throughout the rounds, but I do see it very possible for Canelo to knock Floyd out. We have seen  in the past Mosley wobble Floyd temporarily. I think if Canelo gets Floyd in the same position he could possibly finish him. The only thing is that I wasn’t totally impressed by Canelo in the Trout fight and with Floyd being a much better boxer than Trout I don’t see Mayweather allowing Canelo to get away with some of the things that he got away with in the Trout fight. My prediction for the fight…
Mayweather by split decision. 

The only reason why I say split decision is because quite simply I don’t trust the judges. Boxing needs another star and I could easily see them trying to make one in Canelo.