Take That Monkey Ish Off (Bonus Edition)

Monkey on a stick? I don’t know if yall ever heard of Bo-Taoshi but it’s sort of like a capture the flag type game. This is the description given on youtube
“This is an amazing, chaotic and dangerous game that has been played in Japan for around 50 years! 75 defenders hold up a pole against 75 attackers. For the defenders to win the pole must not tip above 30 degrees for 3 seconds in a 2 or 3 minute time period.” 
Just look at the video and check out this bullshit.
I don’t know what’s the deal but I’ve been seeing this a lot lately. Not much to
comment other than the fact that they are idiots.
Unfortunately I can’t embedded this particular link but I must say this is the epitome of “Take That Monkey Shit Off”. Dude was so serious about it too.

Take That Monkey Ish Off – The Return

For some of you who have been following Tha Antidote you know we have a little column called Take That Monkey Shit Off in which we call out all the bullshit that people are on. Sometimes people walk around like it’s all good but we are here to let you know to take that monkey shit off you embarrassing us.
First up is Soulja Boy. I mean come on bruh you going to stunt with prop money. The bottom of the money looks like copier paper.
Hey man I love Roy Jones Jr but man he’s gotta stop it. You 45 years old out here still boxing and you not even boxing at a Hopkins like pace.  I guess it’s cool for Roy to beat up on bums in the meanwhile. Then this nigga had the nerve to put on a concert after the fight.

Another L for Boxing. This dude Shannon Briggs been stalking Wladimir Klitsckho into getting a title fight. This old ass nigga hasn’t beaten anybody relevant in forever. 

I don’t know why but James Brown reminds me of a ton of old niggas I already know. This one of his funniest interviews and had to post it with his new movie coming out.
No comment.
Look I’ll be honest… I wouldn’t want these niggas at my BBQ. Straight up.

Just to let you know he was ok he wasn’t hurt but this dude really thought he was doing it picking up some shit he had no business trying to pick up.