Like A Bad Bag of Dope (Sports)

When we talk about a “bad bag of dope” we are not talking about players on dope (other than maybe Steve Francis & Shawn Kemp), but about players who disappeared or simply fell off the face of the earth or as we like to say “Fell off like a bad bag of dope”.
Sheldon Williams
Sheldon Williams – How your wife going to be the best baller in your house? If anybody remembers, Sheldon Williams was the 5th pick in the draft ahead of players like Rudy Gay, Brandon Roy, Rajon Rondo, and even his own college teammate J.J. Reddick. It seems like one year Williams was in the league and the next thing you know he’s gone from the league. Hey, at least he pulled Candace Parker…
Steve Francis
Steve Francis – Talk about a bad bag of dope. Back in the early 2000s “The Franchise” was a league-wide favorite. With flashy crossovers, high flying dunks, and streaky jumper it’s easy to see why Francis was looked at as “The Franchise”. After his first season in Orlando it went all down hill from there. First they traded his best friend Cuttino Mobley to the Kings, from there he became disgruntle and was on a downward spiral. He was paid by the Trailblazers to simply get away from them.
Jarvis Hayes – Jarvis was actually in the same draft as Lebron, Carmelo, D-Wade, Bosh, and others. Jarvis started off pretty solid and was a pretty decent role player for Washington. It seems like he got injured and went to Detroit and from there his career withered away to point of no one ever mentioning his name again. You’d think he was signed by the Raiders.
Joe Alexander – Talk about dropping the ball.  Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert, JaVale McGee, J.J. Hickson, Ryan Anderson, Serge Ibaka, & Nicolas Batum were all drafted after Joe Alexander. What’s crazy there are at least 15 players who were drafted after him who are currently solid role players in the league. His career averages is pretty much 4 points a game with 2 rebounds. Talk about a wasted pick…
May, McCants, Williams, Felton
Rashad McCants & Sean May – After a successful run in the NCAA tournament and winning it all while putting up solid numbers both Rashad McCants & Sean May were drafted in the 2005 NBA draft where they went  13 & 14 in the first round. May struggle with injuries and conditioning while McCants had a real solid third season, but had trouble repeating success.  Today neither one of them are in the league.