Drew League CURRENT MVP VS OLD MVP! Playoff BATTLE Goes To Final Seconds! #1 Team Self-Implodes (Sports)

Second round of playoffs at the Drew League had the reigning champs, Birdies Revenge led by 3x in a row Drew League MVP Frank “Nitty” Sessions, going up against a hungry Redemption team led by former Drew League MVP and NBA Player Jonathan Gibson! Birdies Revenge was without their main big man Marcus Bell due to his suspension from his actions in the regular season, and then The Game as you all know by now, ended up getting ejected for fighting his own teammate after they exchanged words after The Game got a tech for slapping the ball out of the refs hand. MVP Frank Nitty fought back hard following the altercation, but Jonathan Gibson and the Redemption squad shut the Birdies down on offense and got very easy buckets down the stretch of the game. The end of the game ended in a back and forth choke battle as neither team scored or even got a good shot attempt the final 1:37. Missed freethrows and turnovers brought the end of Birdies Revenge hopes of repeat titles, and it may have been their final game as part of the Drew League. More games coming soon, plus the championship rounds this weekend!

Drew League DOUBLE OT Battle! Metta World Peace Hits CLUTCH 3 + Team Celebrates Before Game Is Over! (Sports)

Metta World Peace and the Pandas get into a GREAT game vs Black Pearls Elite in a fun back and forth week 4 Drew League Game! Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest pulls up from the SAME spot he shot the three to seal the Lakers a ring over the Celtics back in 2010… Both teams show great composure and ability to score down the stretch! First game to go to Double OT for the Drew did not disappoint!

BIG BABY Risking It ALL For A Drew League W! GREAT HUSTLE in Game That Goes To FINAL SECONDS! (Sports)

BIG BABY aka GLEN DAVIS comes thru the Drew League and shows he can still get buckets! Look at the HUSTLE! Both teams go back and forth trading buckets in a game that went down to the final shot. Little bit of trash talk as usual and Big Baby actually gets up to dunk a couple times! Unfortunately he may be in some legal trouble, but I’m sure it felt good for Big Baby to get back on the court and just play basketball.

Ex-BIG BALLER VS Drew League MVP Gets HEATED! THE GAME Ready To Go Outside! Undefeated Team Tested (Sports)

Ex Big Baller ELIJAH HARKLESS goes up against the Drew League MVP aka MEGADEATH aka FRANK NITTY in week 3 of the Drew League! Midway through the game, The Game aka CHUCK slipped and fell backwards, and somehow that ended up with him getting in a heated back and forth with someone in the crowd. Game was ready to go outside midgame lol but thanks to security and the teammates the situation was calmed down and we got to watch the UNDEFEATED Birdies Revenge squad get in a close finish of a game!