DHS – Waking Up to a Headline (Video)

Diversity is a word that is used constantly to embrace inclusivity of different ethnicities, religions, races, sexes, and ideas. The goal of diversity is to be as unique as possible without losing one’s sense of self. Too often, the overzealous encouragement of diversity masks the bridge between people that is unity. We may all be different and unique, but we still have to be able to be unified as a society and work together toward common goals. Through traditional and social media, society is consumed by hate and negativity instead of finding, noticing, and celebrating the positives. The positives are easily skipped over because the outrage from a tragedy will never match the appreciation of a success. In this short film, accompanied by an original soundtrack called “Head Above The Water,” the box is depicted as elusive and just out of the grasp of the protagonist, J.C. The box symbolizes unity and appears when J.C. is not noticing the good things that are right in front of him. As J.C. experiences these events and begins to see the good around him, his eyes are opened to the interconnectedness in society. He opens the antonym of Pandora’s box to discover the unity of an orchestra playing “Head Above The Water.”