Cuttin Up With Jimi Jump – Episode 19 – Dennis Films, Drexal Flowers, & BGM Cake (Video) is proud to present yet another new series called “Cuttin’ Up with Jimi Jump”. For those who don’t know Jimi Jump is an artist/barber from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who’s had an extensive background on the hip hop culture along with being one of the more known socialites in the city of Baton Rouge.

In episode 19 Jump had the opportunity to interview Dennis Films, Drexal Flowers, & BGM Cake. It’s so much in this episode, you’ll have to click on it and check it out. Exclusive – Bullet Jones – Stressed Out ft Lil One The Champ (Video) is proud to present yet another exclusive. We previously debuted Bullet Jones’s first two videos “Blue Collar Blues” & “Pennies” and today we’ll be debuting the continuation of the “Blue Collar Blues” video which is “Stressed Out” shot by Dennis Films and produced by legendary Baton Rouge producer DJ B Real. In “Stressed Out” Bullet Jones continues where he left off in “Blue Collar Blues” with being laid off from his job and figuring out what to do with the bills pilling up, eviction notice, and the stress of taking care of his family. In “Stressed Out” Bullet Jones receives a call from Lil One The Champ about hitting a lick that’ll hopefully turn his misfortunes around and solve some of his problems. Unfortunately for Bullet Jones hitting this lick won’t be as easy as it initially appeared. Exclusive – Bullet Jones – Pennies ft J-Coop (Video) is proud to present yet another exclusive from Real Profit Ent & Bullet Jones with Bullet Jones’s new video “Pennies” featuring J-Coop of Paid In Amerikka. “Pennies” details Bullet Jones’s childhood and how he got his start as being a grinder who will find a way to hustle to get the things he wants. The video was shot and directed by Dennis Films and produced by Sean Elliot.