Da Real Gee Money Murdered in Baton Rouge (News)


A 22-year-old local rapper was shot to death early Sunday on Dallas Drive, Baton Rouge police said.
Garrett Burton, known as “Gee Money” or “Da Real Gee Money,” was found about 1:30 a.m. in a parking lot in the 1900 block of Dallas Drive, police spokesman Sgt. Don Coppola said. Burton, of 3336 Laurel St., died at the scene.
No suspect or motive has been identified, Coppola said.

Baton Rouge activist Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed said he had met Burton a few times, calling him a very dedicated musician.
“Rapping was his heart,” Reed said Sunday. “Rapping was definitely his love.”
Reed worried how young people will be affected by Burton’s violent death because so many teens looked up to the rapper as a local leader.
“It’s sad to see such a young, vibrant individual’s (life) cut so short,” Reed said. “I’m just praying for his family, and, that his life will save someone else’s life that’s on the same track.”
Reed said he hopes people will learn to think twice about dialogue that normalizes violence, a topic that he said he heart often in Burton’s music.
“We have to watch what we speak into existence,” Reed said.
New Orleans-raised rapper Dee-1, who attended LSU and worked in Baton Rouge, posted Sunday about Burton’s death on Instagram.
“I’m heartbroken,” Dee-1 wrote. “i just Facetimed you two days ago … You said you wanted to come by me and get away. From the pressure. The beef. The negativity.”
“i have so much to say but I don’t know what to say,” the post continues. “i’m just tired … i’m tired. Of people getting murdered. Especially people i know. My friends. Other rappers. All of it. Garrett i love you man. And i promise to show my love for you by using the rest of my life to be part of the solution.”