J Davis Brand – The Next Wave in Fashion?

JDavis Brand is a globally recognized clothing line that has taken the industry by storm. It’s a movement. As a brand rooted in fashion, authenticity, sexiness, inspiration, and motivation our mission is simple. We want to encourage people to conquer their dreams, no matter how big or small, and to look amazingly fashionable in the process.

Meet The Owner – JDavis

Jemmel Davis, a New Orleans native, is the Founder and CEO of JDavis Brand. JDavis is a tenacious leader and passionate innovator with a “don’t quit, get it done” mentality. His commitment and strong work ethic is what helped birth the Addicted To Results™️ movement, which was launched in March of 2019.

As a “think out of the box” visionary, his creativity has quickly transcended the JDavis Brand’s footprint domestically and internationally.

JDavis believes it’s about the process, it’s about the journey, it’s about the sacrifice and it’s about having the victory over a war that is still being fought. It’s a mindset. It’s a bold declaration that in the end, YOU WILL WIN! It’s about the RESULTS!!!

SoleMates Shoe Store Set to Bring 56 Fashion Vendors to Gonzales with First Annual Pop-Up Shop and Fashion Show

SoleMates Shoe Store will host its First Annual Pop-Up Shop and Fashion Show Saturday, April 7, at noon in the Lamar Dixon Expo Center of Gonzales, LA. The pop-up shop will be from noon to 5 p.m., and the fashion show will be from 7 to 9 p.m. Although presale ticket sales ended earlier this week, admission will be $15 at the door with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit The Women of Domestic Violence Foundation, an affiliate of The Butterfly Society founded in Baton Rouge. Well-known personality LaTangela Fay will be hosting and music artist Denisia will be performing while DJ Child Support controls the turntables.
There will be 56 fashion vendors catering to everyone’s stylistic needs along with 7 food vendors and a concession stand for those seeking refreshments. Giveaways will take place throughout the fashion show, and, while only cash will be taken for admission at the door, designers may be able to take major credit and debit cards.
In addition to giving consumers a place to find fierce fashion and benefiting a great cause, one of the main reasons owner Brelle Ford decided to create the fashion event was because she wanted to inspire others, especially small business entrepreneurs, to step out on the faith that God has given them. This event may be the first of its kind, but it will not be the last because Ford hopes to host this annual event for years to come. To get more details on this event and keep up with future events hosted by SoleMates Shoe Store, you can follow the business’s Facebook page, or its Instagram page @solematesshoes , as well as owner Brelle Ford @iambrelleford.

Karl Kani: There's No Loyalty in Fashion, Bootleggers, Brand Decline in 2000's (Fashion)

Designer Karl Kani has made a name for himself when he started his clothing line which was a cross between Hip-Hop and modern day fashion. Once he was on top, the designer says he had major bootlegging issues which caused him to alter his logo and forcing him to find people making knockoffs. He tells DJ Vlad, that he and a close friend, who was able to confiscate the products and make arrests, agreed to find Asian distributors selling his brand. “We had a mission to search all theses Asian factories that were doing it and figure out what they were doing.” He explained, “They were bringing the clothing from China with no label on it, attaching the metal plate and the labels here in the US so the clothing could pass customs…that’s why we couldn’t catch them.”
Once Kani figured out how his clothing brand was being smuggled in the US, he says the damage had already been done and other clothing lines such as Roc-A-Fella, Enyce, Phat Farm, etc, were on the rise and even seeking out some of his employees. “We had a lot of employees defect from the company and going to these peoples’ companies. One in particular went to my competitors and took all my sales people with them and I ended up with no sales people and having to hire my security to be sales reps.”