Boosie on Dissing Dead Enemy Nussie: It's Fu** You While You Living & Dead (Video)

In this clip, Boosie discussed his rationale behind dissing Nussie who is now deceased. Boosie stated that he wanted to stir up a bit of controversy behind the record, but he apologized if he offended any of Nussie’s family. However, Boosie made it clear that if the relationship between him and someone else has soured it’s “f*ck you while you livin’ and it’s f*ck you while you dead.” Boosie also detailed the situation with his brother who reportedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Boosie. He talked about his relationship with his brother being cool prior to this and how he couldn’t have given him a reason to cross him in this way. Boosie went on to discuss some of the hardships tied to success, specifically the relationships that don’t last because money gets involved.