Tri-State Gets Huge Win as Nate Robinson Hits Game Winning 3-Pointer –

– Ghost Ballers Upset Trilogy as Chris Johnson Goes for 14 Points and 7 Rebounds –

– Gilbert Arenas Makes His Return but Enemies Lose and are Held to 32 Points by 3 Headed Monsters –

Miami, FL – August 10th, 2019

  • Nate Robinson scored a game winning three-pointer to beat Power, keeping the defending champs from clinching a playoff berth.
  • 3 Headed Monsters take down Enemies to keep an outside shot at making the playoffs.
  • BIG3 continues next week in Dallas at American Airlines Arena on CBS at 2PM ET.

Getty Images: Week 8 in Miami

Game Recaps:

Power 43 (5-2) vs Tri-State 50 (3-4)

Video Highlights:

Power looked to be cruising to a win in Miami and clinching a playoff spot as they were up 27-20 at halftime. But, Nate Robinson, Jason Richardson and Amar’e Stoudemire led an impressive comeback that ended with a Nate Robinson 3-point and-1 shot.

Tri-State moves to 3-4 with an outside shot at making the playoffs if they win next week in Dallas, while Power still needs just one more win to shore up its spot.

Top Performers:


Corey Maggette                19 PTS, 3 REBS


Nate Robinson                   20 PTS, 4 REBS

Three Headed Monster’s 50 (3-4) vs Enemies 32 (3-4)

Video Highlights:

In the first game of the day, 3 Headed Monsters utilized all their players and showed a dynamic offensive approach as Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Rashard Lewis were the only players in double figures. Mario Chalmers returned home to Miami hitting a huge 4-point shot which changed the feel of the game and pushed 3 Headed Monsters forward as the game went on.

Enemies were stuck offensively as Craig Smith was the only player to reach double figures. The 3 Headed Monsters defense held Enemies to just 32 points.

3 Headed Monsters keeps an outside playoff shot alive as Enemies take a huge loss and now desperately need a win next week to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Top Performers:


Craig Smith                     16 PTS, 3 REBS

Three Headed Monsters

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf     13 PTS

Ghost Ballers 50 (4-3) vs Trilogy 47 (4-3)

Video Highlights:

In a hard-fought back-and-forth game between two teams needing a win to keep playoff dreams alive, Ghost Ballers took command early against Trilogy. The recently acquired Chris Johnson gave Trilogy problems in the pick-and-roll and was a huge difference in the game.

As the game went on, Trilogy fought back to make it close as Samardo Samuels did a lot of damage down low. But, Ghost Ballers were able to seal the deal in the closest of the three Miami games.

Top Performers:

Ghost Ballers

Chris Johnson        14 PTS, 7 REBS


Samardo Samuels   16 PTS, 13 REBS



– Triplets and Joe Johnson Continue Hot Streak with Incredible Four-Point Game Winner  –

– Greg Oden Scores BIG3 Career High 18 Points in Win Over 3’s Company –

Trilogy New Addition Samardo Samuels has 17 points and 7 Rebounds as Trilogy Stay Third in League Standings

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Milwaukee, WI – August 4th, 2019

  • Triplets go to 6-1 thanks to a step-back four-point game winner from Joe Johnson.
  • Aliens’ Greg Oden tied his BIG3 career high of 18 points as they upset 3’s Company.
  • BIG3 continues next week in Miami at AmericanAirlines Arena on CBS at 8PM EST.
  • Today’s attendance was 12,912.

Getty Images: Week 7 in Milwaukee

Game Recaps:

Three Headed Monster’s 48 (2-4) vs Triplets 51 (6-1)

Video Highlights:

In the second game of the day, former Bucks player Larry Sanders and Three-Headed Monsters almost upset Triplets in a must-win game. But, Joe Johnson answered when it was most needed with a four-point shot to win the game. In one of the most exciting games of the season, Three-Headed Monsters dominated early with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Rashard Lewis, Mario Chalmers and Larry Sanders couldn’t seem to miss a basket. 

As the game went on, Triplets behind Alan Anderson, Jamario Moon, Al Jefferson and towards the end of the game, Joe Johnson, combined to outscore Three Headed Monsters 35-23 in the second half. The game ended on a step back four-pointer from Joe Johnson, as Triplets moved to 6-1 and top of the BIG3.

Top Performers:


Joe Johnson            26 PTS, 5 REBS, 3 ASTS

Three Headed Monsters

Mario Chalmers       16 PTS

Aliens 50 (3-4) vs 3’s Company 35 (3-4)

Video Highlights:

Aliens played one of their most complete games with Greg Oden being an unstoppable force down low. A red-hot 3’s Company seemed to get frustrated and overwhelmed with Oden down low and Brandon Rush added to the offensive firepower for Aliens.

Andre Emmett was the only double-digit scorer for 3’s Company while Aliens had Greg Oden and Brandon Rush combining for 35 points in the much-needed win.

As it stands, both teams go into next week at 3-4, with a shot at the playoffs.

Top Performers:


Greg Oden              18 PTS, 9 REBS

Brandon Rush         17 PTS, 7 REBS

3’s Company

Andre Emmett         19 PTS, 6 REBS

Ball Hogs (0-7) vs Trilogy 50 (4-3)

Video Highlights:

Ball Hogs new additions looked great early as they got out to an early 25-13 lead on Trilogy. New additions Xavier Silas and Mustapha Farrakhan combined for 18 of the team’s 38 total points. But, Trilogy and their new addition Samardo Samuels turned it on in the second half, outscoring Ball Hogs 38-18 to win the game and put them two games over .500 for the season.

In a tight, close playoff race, Trilogy inches one step closer to a playoff spot as David Hawkins continued his streak of 18-plus points to four games and new addition Samardo Samuels added 17 points and 7 rebounds. Kenyon Martin’s team looks like a well-oiled machine and will look ahead to another must-win against a new-look Ghost Ballers team.

Top Performers:


David Hawkins                 19 PTS, 4 REBS

Samardo Samuels           17 PTS, 7 REBS

Ball Hogs

DeShawn Stevenson       13 PTS, 4 REBS



– Will Bynum Scores League Record 33 Points in his Return to Chicago –

– Power’s Chicago Duo Corey Maggette and Quentin Richardson Combine for 28 Points in Win Over Enemies –

– Mike Taylor Scores 14 as Ghost Ballers Get Back To .500 –

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Chicago, Illinois – August 3rd, 2019

  • Will Bynum returns and sets a new league scoring record of 33 points as Bivouac goes to 4-3 on the season.
  • Power continued their impressive hot streak beating Enemies as 42 of the teams’ 50 points were scored by players with Chicago ties (Corey Maggette, Quentin Richardson, Carlos Boozer, Julian Wright).
  • BIG3 continues tomorrow in Milwaukee (4PM EST) on CBS Sports Network Sunday.
  • Today’s attendance was 12,547.
  • Celebrities at today’s game included Richard Dent, Twista, Demarcus Cousins, Don Brumfield and Ryan Henry from Black Ink Crew.

Getty Images: Week 7 in Chicago

Game Recaps:

Killer 3’s 42 (4-3) vs Bivouac 51 (4-3)

Video Highlights:

Hometown hero Will Bynum scored a league-record 33 points as Killer 3’s had no way to stop him from scoring.

Led by Stephen Jackson, Killer 3’s didn’t have enough offense to combat the pairing of Josh Smith and Will Bynum. In a game that meant a lot to both teams’ playoff hopes, Killer 3’s eventually fell 51-42 as Bivouac jumped ahead of a lot of teams in the standings.

Top Performers:

Killer 3’s

Stephen Jackson     22 PTS, 11 REBS


Will Bynum               33 PTS, 8 REBS, 3 ASTS

Power 50 (5-1) vs Enemies 41 (3-3)

Video Highlights:

Power’s heavy Chicago ties showed out as hometown players Corey Maggette, Quentin Richardson, Julian Wright and Carlos Boozer made up 42 of Power’s 50 points.

Enemies started off strong but couldn’t hold onto a lead as Power continued to create space off of their switches and rotations made by Nancy Lieberman and company.

Power goes to 5-1 on the season as Enemies take a backseat in the playoff race with two games to go before playoffs.

Top Performers:


Corey Maggette        16 PTS, 6 REBS

Quentin Richardson 12 PTS, 4 REBS


Perry Jones               20 PTS, 9 REBS, 2 STLS

Tri-State 38 (2-4) vs Ghost Ballers 50 (3-3)

Video Highlights:

In a must win scenario for both teams, Ghost Ballers and Mike Taylor took advantage early and never let up. The game started with a Mike Bibby 4-point shot. But Tri-State, even with the return of Nate Robinson, weren’t able to stop the dynamic inside-and-out game that Ghost Ballers now have with Chris Johnson.

Ghost Ballers, who were once on the outside looking in, now look like a serious late-season threat to build momentum and possibly make the playoffs.

Top Performers:

Ghost Ballers

Mike Taylor             14 PTS, 2 REBS

Ricky Davis              13 PTS, 2 REBS


Robert Hite              11 PTS (one 4-point shot), 2 REBS



– Triplet’s Joe Johnson and Al Jefferson Return to Utah with a Big Win Over Ball Hogs, Combining for 33 points. Triplet’s reclaim Top Spot with 5-1 record –

– Former Jazz Standout DeShawn Stevenson Scores 12 points and adds 6 rebounds in Ball Hogs loss 

– 3’s Company Earns Third Win of the Season Behind Andre Emmett and

Jason Maxiell –

– Bivouac Gets to .500 and Beats Aliens with Josh Smith and Anthony Morrow Combining for 37 points –

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – July 27th, 2019

  • Joe Johnson scores 21 points (including a Toyota RAV4-point shot) as Triplets cruise to a victory and reclaim the top-spot in the BIG3.
  • Andre Emmett (20 pts) and Jason Maxiell (8 pts, 5 reb) lead 3’s Company to its third straight victory.
  • BIG3 continues next week in Chicago (1PM EST) and Milwaukee (4PM EST) on CBS Sports Network Saturday and Sunday.
  • Today’s attendance was 9,272.

Getty Images: Week 6 in Salt Lake City

Game Recaps:

3’s Company 51 (3-3) vs Killer 3’s 41 (4-2)

Video Highlights:

Killer 3’s well-rounded attack, led by Stephen Jackson, CJ Watson and Donte Greene, was not enough to stop 3’s Company after Andre Emmett’s monster performance. Things got chippy late in the game when Dahntay Jones and Stephen Jackson went back-and-forth.

Led by Andre Emmett, 3’s Company had a tremendous second half, outscoring Killer 3’s by 14. In a game that meant a lot to both teams’ playoff hopes, Killer 3’s eventually fell 51-41 and 3’s Company went on to win its third straight game.

Top Performers:

3’s Company                                             Killer 3’s

Andre Emmett:         24 pts, 14 reb            CJ Watson:               13 pts

Dahntay Jones:        10 pts, 6 reb              Stephen Jackson:    10 pts

Jason Maxiell:           8 pts, 5 reb                Donte Greene:          14 pts

Triplets 51 (4-1) vs Ball Hogs 34 (0-6)

Video Highlights:

Will McDonald and DeShawn Stevenson’s 26 combined points were not enough to stifle Joe Johnson and his 21 points. Triplets went up big at half time, held their ground and rebounded after their loss last week against defending champion Power.

Ball Hogs only had 8 combined points outside of Stevenson and McDonald. For the Triplets, former Jazz players Al Jefferson and Joe Johnson dominated throughout the game, combining for 33 points and 9 rebounds.

Top Performers:

Triplets                                                        Ball Hogs

Joe Johnson:             21 pts, 2 reb              Deshawn Stevenson:          12 pts, 6 reb

Al Jefferson:              12 pts, 7 reb              Will McDonald:                     14 pts, 8 reb

Bivouac 50 (3-3) vs Aliens 47 (2-4)

Video Highlights:

Salt Lake City’s final matchup featured two squads hungry for a win. Without Will Bynum, Bivouac struggled early but efforts from Josh Smith and Anthony Morrow were the difference. The pair combined for 37 points but it came down to a final game-winning shot from Josh Smith.

Aliens made a comeback late but ultimately couldn’t find the right match-up with Josh Smith.

Top Performers:

Bivouac                                                      Aliens

Josh Smith:               18 pts, 14 reb            Brandon Rush:         19 pts

Anthony Morrow:      19 pts, 4 reb



– Killer 3’s Display Killer Instinct, Bounce back in Week 5 Rout –

– Trilogy Lives up to Namesake by Winning Third Consecutive Game –

– Shannon Brown & Andre Owens Combine for 32 Points in Much-Needed Win for Aliens –

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – July 21, 2019 – Chesapeake Energy Arena

  • The BIG3 visited Oklahoma City Sunday for three rounds of toe-to-toe games.
  • Brandon Rush puts Ricky Davis on skates to seal a win for the Aliens.
  • David Hawkins and Trilogy earn another win over hard-nosed Enemies.
  • Frank Session show the “Nitty Way” as he dominates the second half in a rout over the Ball Hogs.
  • League Co-founder Ice Cube performed “It Was a Good Day” during halftime of the afternoon’s second matchup.
  • The BIG3 continues its third season on Saturday, July 27 in Salt Lake City at Vivint Smart Home Arena (9:00PM ET). Games will also broadcast on CBS and CBS Sports Network.

Getty Images: Week 5 in Oklahoma City

Game Recaps:

Aliens 51 (2-3) vs Ghost Ballers 35 (2-3)

Video Highlights:

Sunday’s first matchup featured two teams desperate to remain in playoff contention. The Aliens, looking to bounce back from a Week 4 blowout loss, received a much-needed lift from high-flying specialist Shannon Brown. The 2x NBA Champion netted 16 points and eight rebounds in the first half.

Ghost Ballers made things interesting with a late 6-0 first half run before the period ended in favor of Aliens, 25-21.

Tempers were flaring shortly into the second half as Ghost Ballers’ Captain Mike Bibby and Co-Captain Ricky Davis each received technical fouls. Following the penalty, the Ballers’ deficit stretched to double digits.

Captain Andre Owens and the rest of the Aliens squad dug in to maintain their early game lead with several buckets from inside and out of the paint. With a victory in sight, Brandon Rush sent Davis to the floor with a nasty crossover and pulled up for a game-winning three.

Top Performers:

Ghost Ballers                                                              Aliens

Alex Scales       12 pts, 5 reb                                          Shannon Brown            18 pts, 10 reb

Ricky Davis       10 pts, 5 reb                                          Andre Owens                14 pts, 6 reb

Aliens building momentum at (2-3); Ghost Ballers still working for a win, now (2-3)

Trilogy 50 (3-2) vs Enemies 38 (3-2)

Video Highlights:

The streaking Enemies looked to maintain their winning ways against the always dangerous Trilogy on Sunday afternoon.

Things got off to a quick start for Enemies, behind easy buckets from Craig Smith and Perry Jones. But, the team struggled to match the defensive intensity as Trilogy went on an 11-0 run to take a 13-11 lead.

Building off consecutive standout performances, David Hawkins helped Trilogy build onto its momentum, scoring 13 points and stretching the lead to 25-18 at the half.

Enemies’ Royce White provided a spark off the bench in the second period, narrowing the lead with nine points. His effort wasn’t enough, as Trilogy pulled off its third-consecutive win.

Top Performers:

Enemies                                                                       Trilogy                                                

Craig Smith       18 pts                                                   David Hawkins              18 pts, 7 reb

Royce White     9 pts, 5 reb                                           James White                 18 pts, 9 reb

Trilogy continue their winning streak at (3-2); Enemies slip to (3-2)

Killer 3’s 50 (4-1) vs Ball Hogs 35 (0-5)

Video Highlights:

The Killer 3’s looked to return to winning form this week, while the always gritty Ball Hogs vied for their first win of the year.

DeShawn Stevenson pushed the Ball Hogs off to a quick start with nine points in the first half. Big man Eddy Curry dominated the Ball Hogs defense, netting 10 points and helping the Killer 3’s secure a 27-21 halftime lead.

The Killer 3’s continue to embody their coach’s energy. Charles Oakley instilled a fire in Captain Stephen Jackson and Franklin “Nitty” Sessions, who dominated the game in the second half and helped close things on a 16-2 run.

Top Performers:

Killer 3’s                                                                      Ball Hogs

Stephen Jackson           11 pts                                       Will McDonald               19 pts, 8 reb

Eddy Curry                   10 pts                                       DeShawn Stevenson     12 pts, 4 reb

Franklin Sessions          17 pts, 10 reb

Killer 3’s climb to (4-1); Ball Hogs continue to fall at (0-5)



– Former Jayhawks Drew Gooden, Julian Wright and Mario Chalmers Help Bring 3-on-3 Game to Sprint Center –

– Nancy Lieberman and Power Top Lisa Leslie and Previously Unbeaten Triplets in Matchup of League’s Elite –

– Dr. J’s Tri State Re-enters Playoff Hunt After Thrilling Win –

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – July 20, 2019 – Sprint Center

  • The BIG3 visited Kansas City for the first time in league history Saturday, entertaining crowds with intense games and inspiring individual performances.
  • 2018 BIG3 Champion Power saw key contributions from Captain Corey Magette (20 pts), Cuttino Mobley (11 pts, 4 reb), and Julian Wright (11 pts) to take down the previously undefeated Triplets.
  • 3’s Company’s Andre Emmett and Drew Gooden combine for 31 points and 14 rebounds to lead the team to its second win of the season.
  • Amar’e Stoudemire (19 pts, 9 reb) leads Tri State to a much-needed win in a chippy contest against the 3 Headed Monsters.
  • KU Basketball Head Coach Bill Self attended Saturday’s lineup of games, where several former Jayhawks showed out
  • The BIG3 season continues Sunday in Oklahoma City. Games begin at 12:00PM CT at Chesapeake Energy Arena and are available on CBS and

Getty Images: Week 5 in Kansas City

Game Recaps:

3’s Company 50 (2-3) vs Bivouac 34 (2-3)

Video Highlights:

Andre Emmett dominated the first half of Saturday’s first game as 3’s Company started things on an 8-0 run. Coach Michael Cooper’s squad led at the break 26-13.

Emmett, who has quietly had an impressive season, finished the game with 23 points and nine rebounds. Fan favorite Drew Gooden, a former Kansas Jayhawk, helped in the effort with eight points, five rebounds and four assists on the day.

Fighting back, Anthony Morrow led the charge for Bivouac, amassing 15 points, four rebounds and landing the game’s only 4-point shot, midway through the second half. 

In the end, 3’s Company sealed its second win of the season on a corner 3-point-shot from Dahntay Jones.

Top Performers:

3’s Company                                                        Bivouac

Andre Emmett     23 pts, 9 reb                         Anthony Morrow   15 pts, 4 reb

Drew Gooden    8 pts, 5 reb, 4 ast                    Josh Smith      9 pts, 7 reb

3’s Company improves (2-3); Bivouac hits a snag (2-3)

Triplets 47 (4-1) vs Power 50 (4-1)

Video Highlights:

Triplets, the BIG3’s final undefeated team entering Week 5, squared off against reigning champion Power in the weekend’s most anticipated matchup.

After missing the opening three games due to injury, 2018 MVP Corey Maggette returned to BIG3 action in Week 4 with a scorching 23 points. He picked up exactly where he left off Saturday, tallying the Power’s first 10 points. Looking to shake a slow start, Al Jefferson sank two quick buckets to get the Triplets on the board. But, Cuttino Mobley and Glen “Big Baby” Davis powered the defending champions to a 25-19 halftime lead.

The Triplets, which have found success diminishing first half deficits all season, erased Power’s lead just minutes into the second period. Jefferson and scoring leader Joe Johnson quickly tallied several buckets to square the game at 25. Julian Wright helped provide Power with a much-needed spark off the bench, contributing 11 points in a reserve role.

In the closing moments of the game, Johnson split a double team to find Alan Anderson for an open corner three and cut Power’s lead to 46-45.

Moments later, Maggette pulled up from the top of the key to knock in a jumper and knock off the Triplets.

Top Performers:

Triplets                                                                                  Power

Joe Johnson          19 pts, 7 reb, 3 astCorey Maggette   20 pts

Al Jefferson           14 pts, 4reb                                          Cuttino Mobley    11 pts, 4 reb, 3 ast

                                                                                                Julian Wright        11 pts, 4 reb

Triplets suffer their first loss (4-1); Power still surging at (4-1)

Tri State 50 (2-3) vs 3 Headed Monsters 47 (2-3)

Video Highlights:

Tri State and 3 Headed Monsters enjoyed success in their first two BIG3 seasons, but have been inconsistent in 2019. Both teams entered the day needing a win to stay in playoff contention.

Amar’e Stoudemire (Tri State) showed exactly why he’s been garnering interest from NBA teams. The veteran scored at will against the 3 Headed Monsters, including a 7-0 run to close out the first half.

In what was a physical game from start to finish, 3 Headed Monsters Coach Gary Payton was vocal early and often. Reggie Evans refused to be outplayed down low, putting in 14 points and pulling down 16 rebounds.

Tied at 39 deep in the game, both teams ramped up the intensity. Evans and Stoudemire had to be separated a few times down the stretch. In the end, Tri State’s new addition Robert Hite played the hero, hitting a 3-pointer to secure the victory.

Top Performers:

Tri State                                                                                3 Headed Monsters

Amar’e Stoudemire             19 pts, 9 reb                         Reggie Evans         14 pts, 16 reb

Robert Hite                           12 pts                                     Rashard Lewis      11 pts, 6 reb

Tri State gain traction at (2-3); 3 Headed Monsters fall to (2-3)