Take That Monkey Ish Off – The Return

Now, it’s been awhile since we did an edition of Take That Monkey Sh!t Off and with all of our new viewers yall might not know about this. Basically this is a little editorial to call out all the recent foolishness that’s been going on in the media it’s time to speak on a few individuals who I think need to be checked because we’ve been letting them slide for way too long now.
Stephen A Smith
Mr. Half-Fro himself. To be honest I was once a fan of Stephen A Smith. If anybody remembers Stephen A Smith use to have his own show on show on ESPN called Quite Frankly and he use to show a lot of love to blacks on the show bringing out guest including guys like Katt Williams & Allen Iverson. It seems like every opportunity Stephen A Smith has to make his own people look bad he’s quick to throw them under the bus especially since he’s returned to ESPN. He’ll talk about women and get reprimanded and apologize in a second but can talk about his own people like dogs with no repercussions. Honestly, out of everybody on this list I’m probably the hardest on Stephen A.

Raven Symone
At one point Raven could of been looked at as a role model for young aspiring black females who wanted to make it in the entertainment industry. The only thing that we didn’t know was that she seemed to despise her own people. Now, I let her slide with the whole “I’m not African American” thing even though she was with the bull. Then she states that she wouldn’t hire someone based off names that are associate with “African Americans” while looking at her parade as a rooster. She’s had the “I’m Not With Them” mentality for awhile and it’s time for someone to step to her and let her know what she really is. A dumbass.

Ben Carson
Oh man this clown.  This the same guy who said Obama Care was the worst thing since slavery. He said in a way it is slavery because it’s making all of us sub-servant to the government. This the kind of brother that if he was in the courthouse he would slam a nigga with the quickness. He’s so far attached from reality it’s insane. This one of the times that I’m going with the other man over the brotherman. For a guy who’s deemed as being such an intelligent man he’s said quite a few stupid things in his campaign.
Don Lemon
Boy did CNN pick a top level rubber nose in Don Lemon. It seems like every time I put the TV on CNN and he’s on there he’s selling out his own people. First opportunity he has to side against them he’s sure to be there. He’s sat there and backed up Bill O’Reilly on some garbage and then decided to expand and do a list of what he thinks the black community should be doing. My thing is that if you are so detach from black issues then I honestly think you should just shut up and keep it moving.  At the end of the day you not out here and you’ll never truly be out here so just keep it moving. To quote the Rock “Know your role and shut your mouth” because he’s not doing anything to help further the culture and in reality is helping to keep us down  while doing it on one of the bigger platforms on TV. Never once have I seen any of these people on the list agree or quote a Minster Frakkhan but we’ll ride or die behind a Bill O’Reilly quote.
Charles Barkley
While I loved Barkley as a player I dislike it every time he decides to speak and voice his opinion on black issues. Guys like Jim Brown, Bill Russell, etc really represented their people and their community. Without basketball Barkley would be in the same position as a lot of the people he tends to rag and talk down on. Honestly, when we see Barkley he doesn’t seem like the most articulate guy in the world but luckily for him he got the opportunity to play a game that gave him the ability to move away and better himself. Everyone in the black community isn’t 6’7 or have the skills to be a great entertainer. Instead of wagging your finger and ridiculing your people on TV lets see you go out and really be a force in the community and help further and advance your people. Instead of looking at them as being beneath you step up and help further advance the black community.