Official Predictions of Canelo – Angulo fight

If you had to call this event one thing you would call it a redemption fight for Canelo. Canelo Alvarez is taking on Alfredo Angulo in what I would call a must win match for Canelo. Golden Boy has been promoting Canelo as the next big (Mexican) Pay-Per-View star and with another loss that will easily get Canelo out the PPV picture. That’s something neither Golden Boy nor Showtime wants to see. After all the time and money devoted to Canelo they defiantly don’t want to see Canelo take a loss here.
It’s no shame in losing to Floyd Mayweather. Over the last 10+ years Mayweather has been beating top notch talent and Canelo losing to one of the all time greatest is no shame in that. This fight with Angulo is tailor made for Canelo to look good. Angulo is a bulldozing brawler who’s going to come straight forward for Canelo. Canelo has shown in the past that he has decent boxing skills. From what I’ve seen as well he doesn’t have one punch knockout power (I could be wrong) but I’ve often time see Canelo go on barrages before stopping his opponent. If Canelo can protect himself properly and avoid the big punch he shouldn’t have any problems. We have seen Angulo take loses when he goes up to fighting more elite level boxers. I think this fight will determine if Canelo is an elite boxer himself. I don’t think he convincingly beat Trout, he beat an old man Mosley, and took a loss to Mayweather. You could honestly say the best win on his record was against Joseito Lopez. You could argue and say this fight will be biggest win for either fighter. While I’m not sleeping on Angulo I just think Canelo has a few more tools in the tool shed.
My prediction
Canelo – Stoppage in the 9th Round