Adrien Broner Down For the Count?

Well, earlier this month Broner finally had his big bout against Marcos Maidana and let me tell you he flunked out.  Adrien Broner came out looking pretty bad out the gate. While Broner is known for being a slow starter in the beginning of fights Maidana took advantage of that situation. Throughout the fight Maidana put on the pressure and continued to come forward the whole entire fight. Broner showed limited skills in using his footwork, counter punches, and combinations. With all the assets and skills that Broner seem to posses in his previous fights (in the lower weight classes) and it doesn’t look like it’s translating well at the welterweight division. While I do believe Broner has great skills he will need some major changes done to come back from a defeat like that. Once you lose a fight the blueprint is out on how to beat you and with him having so much trouble in this fight people will definitely revisit this blueprint in his next fights. I for one believe he still needs major work done with his defensive shell. For him to use this style and to get hit so much is not a great sign.
I think Broner has great boxing attributes but he needs to refine his skills. He has God-Given ability but he needs to maximize his potential but refining his skills. While I think walking down your opponents at smaller weight classes worked for him now that he’s fighting at Welterweight with multiple killers he needs to combine his god given talent and skill together if he wants to continue to be a major draw. I honestly think he’s not built against A & B level boxers and fighting at that pace. It is a must that he throws more punches, use his speed, and take advantage of having youth on your side.
When it’s all said and done I think Broner still has plenty of potential. I’ve watched the fight twice and I do think on a round by round system the gap wasn’t as bad as the overall fight it’s self. He showed he has a chin and managed to go 12 rounds of hell. On top of that he drew 1.3 million viewers for his fight last. He has the potential to still be a great draw in boxing but he must redefine his skills which he should in due time.
Broner Before The Fight

Adrien Broner: Boxing's Next Big Star?

Flamboyant. Flashy.  Cocky. Arrogant. Exciting. These are just a few words to describe Adrien Broner. For those of you who don’t know Adrien Broner is  a 23 year old champion who’s held belts already in 3 different weight classes. In Adrien’s last fight he won in split decision against  welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi. Throughout the fight you could see Broner telling Malignaggi “You can’t hit me!” and shaking off whatever punches Malignaggi threw at him. It wasn’t just Broner’s in-ring tactics that got people’s attention. Throughout the promotional press conferences Broner & Malignaggi went back and forth including Broner stating claim that he slept with Malignaggi’s girl (or side piece according to Paulie).

Of course with the trash talking, money flashing, defensive shell of a fighting style AND being a young black male he has already been compared to Floyd Mayweather.  The only thing is that Broner is an offensive minded boxer who has good  defense compared to Floyd who seems to be in the business of defense first, then look for the knockout. This might actually be beneficial for Broner’s pockets because people love action and Broner brings plenty of that to the ring.
The comparisons really come to play outside the ring with the lavish lifestyle Broner lives. With his extravagant approach to the ring, large entourage, and his love for stun’n on camera you can see why he might get the Mayweather comparison.  Some people will  hate him and will portray him as a villain, while some (especially in the black community) will see him as a fan favorite. This  balance will allow for him to pull in great pay-per-view numbers.  Some will pay in hopes of seeing him get knocked out, while some will root him on to victory in hopes that he stays undefeated throughout his career. You can’t deny the entertainment level of his fights.

While some argue about the quality of opponents he’s faced he’s still only 23 years old with plenty room to grow. Between the 135 to 147 weight classes Broner has plenty of opposition to fight against. With him understanding the importance of a strong defensive base, solid punching power, and hopefully a similar work ethic like big brother Mayweather Broner can easily be one (if not the best) of the best boxers in the upcoming years.
Broner is also the CEO of the music label “Band Camp” which we will cover in the future.