TBT – Arsenio Hall Show – Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, & Mike Tyson (Video)

Mann niggas forget Tyson epitomize niggas back in the 80s. We very rarely have athletes who had the influence that these guys had on a culture. Even with a guy like Mayweather he didn’t have the kind of influence that a guy like Ali or even Tyson had. Even the Arsenio Hall show itself has yet to be duplicated in our culture since it’s initial creation.

Take That Monkey Ish Off – Vol. THE RETURN

Take That Monkey Ish Off has returned. This time we got a little bit of everything.  Bad haircuts, niggas who look like Playstation 2 graphics, and much more…

I don’t know if I should put this in Bad Bag of Dope or Take that Monkey Ish Off but mann Steve Francis hasn’t been right since he left the league.
Next up we got DJ Khaled. The caption says it all.
Aww manne I swear Instagram is the best. Check this one out…
Nigga looks like he came out an episode of My Brother & Me (if you not an early to mid 80s baby you won’t understand). Damn son!
Next up we got one of the dumbest bitches in awhile
Shovel to the dome.
Dude looked like he came out of Grand Theft Auto 3 or Head Hunter.

TBS – KKK Passes Out Flyers

If you don’t know TBS stands for “That Bullshit”
“A unique flyer delivery has many residents in Eunice upset. A flyer showcasing Ku Klux Klan hotlines has been distributed to homes across the city this weekend. A viewer emailed us saying a white Dodge crew cab truck with a Saints sticker on the window was throwing the flyers into the yards of African American residents. Another resident claims the flyers were in plastic bags, with rocks inside as weights so they can be tossed to the home. Eunice Deputy Chief Varden Guillory tells us multiple people in Eunice made complaints to the police department about the incident. Guillory says the flyers were passed out Saturday night. He adds that Eunice Police will look into the incident.”