E-40 & The Click – Captain Save A Hoe & Sprinkle Me (Throwback Video)

To be honest I only had intentions of posting Sprinkle Me (which was a great record), but we here at Tha Antidote like to educate our readers  (especially our younger readers) and let you know that after 20 years dudes still throwing on their capes out here saving hoes.  I would go into even more ranting about saving hoes, but I might just save that for a future article.

Christopher Williams – I'm Dreamin' (Throwback Video)

Decided to do something different and put some throwback RnB videos today. This one is by new jack Christopher Williams. Something to vibe to. For the ones who don’t know Christopher Williams  he was the guy who was originally accused of whooping up on Halle Berry. That should tell you light skin RnB dudes been roguish even before Chris Brown. He was so serious when he told her “Don’t wake me I’m dreaming”. Oh…. and he was the light skin brother in New Jack City.