Memphis's own Archangel releases "Hallelujah Music" Vol 3

archangel 4
Tarrance Brown will be the first to tell you that his childhood in Memphis was not much of a childhood.   Bouncing from home to home, Tarrance’s earlier years can be described as unstable.  The tumultuous times would have a profound effect on his schooling as his missed his dad turned to anger would cause him to lash out.  In effort to channel these emotions he would use sports as an outlet.   Becoming a top athlete in track, basketball and football before joining the Marines later on,
“Beside sports, I would invest a lot of time into writing poems as well as reading the business & money sections of the newspaper.  My upbringing was hard but I did not let that stop me from living life to its fullest. Failure was not an option.”
Ultimately music was the real saving grace for Tarrance.  Hanging out with his childhood friend Christopher Forest aka K-le in his grandmother’s living room one day, the duo began to record music on a 4-track.  Realizing his potential and pushing himself he began to see many doors of opportunity opening for him. Envisioning a career for himself he stepped into his alter ego Archangel.
“As archangel I felt like I could spread my wings. Archangel became my truth for all to see and hear.  A new found image if you will,  presence that I fully embodied.”
Finding inspiration in hometown heroes such as Three 6 Mafia and Indo G as well as legends like Rakim and the figureheads of No Limit RecordsFar Tarrance would develop an in-depth understanding of the art of Hip Hop.
Over the years he has caught many ears and eyes, showcasing his talent and putting on not only locally but in other areas.  Determined to take things to the next level he has continued to deliver quality after quality most notably in Hallelujah Music series.  To end the first quarter 2020, he has released Volume 3. Stream it below:

Travis Taylor releases "Writer" video

Maryland born but California based singer / songwriter Travis Taylor considers himself Neo in the matrix, with a voice. Taking his listeners on a passionate ride of passion and eargasms. The young writer has always been categorized as talented beyond his years.   His transparent lyrics and exotic melodies have found a way to spark a new conversation on how we as people can become further in tuned without inner most thoughts and desires. 

” My Musical content is a mixture of culture, spirituality, politics, relationships, and sex. Aaliyah’s debut album was my bible as a kid.  Other influences of mine include Tupac, Bob Marley, Nas, Lauryn hill, and Erykah Badu.

A little over two years ago Travis made the move from the DMV area to the sunny skies of California.  With a new focus, he hit auditions after auditions, networking events, and studios. 

“No Sleep is the best way to describe my life when I first moved to Cali.  I was stripped down to my rawest of points and alone, which made me build a family within this business.”

First came the music video appearances then a few indie movie roles while searching for the right opportunity for his music.   A chance meeting with Director/D.P. Theo Hyppolitte changed things.  Learning the dynamics behind the scene of film, television and music sharpened Travis Taylor’s mind. Eventually he would meet Juan Negrete and all systems were a go. In the last 2 years Travis has recorded 3 E. P’s one of which Clairvoyant hit the market this past December lead by his first single, Writer.   Travis has dropped off the visual for the follow up single “Assumin.”  

Stan Michael – Moonwalkin (Audio)

One of the fresh faces in R&B on the Big Apple scene Stan Michael has been diligent about building a healthy catalog since his debut release last year.  With the popular single, Intoxicated and now Moonwalkin the ceiling is pretty high on this crooner. Listen to Moonwalkin below.

Antoine The Icon is breaking the code in Hip Hop

A native of the City of Brother Love, Antoine The Icon is a multi-talented performing artist, song writer, producer and engineer.  Launching his pursuit at the age of 12, Antoine The Icon has celebrated over a decade in the genre and culture that he loves – Hip Hop. What started as a coping mechanism when sidelined from sports, has turned into his life’s passion and greatest outlet.
“My music always been a form of expression and coping with the pains of life. I think that is the greatest attribute of my artistry, the ability to make songs that are very easy to relate to.”
– Antoine The Icon

Realistic from the outset, Antoine understands that with success comes more expectation. With his latest releases “Breaking The Code”, and the Mir Fontaine assisted “No Problems” Antoine The Icon has hit a good groove that should continue into the new year.
“My ultimate goal is to make an impact on people as well as the music industry.  I’ve never taken no for an answer and I know there is no such thing as overnight success so consistency is my whole mindset and approach.”
– Antoine The Icon
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Earn Dinero – Triangle Offense (Mixtape)

earn dinero triangle offense
Representing the BX borough Earn Dinero has been heating up recently as he preps his fans for what the 3rd and 4th quarter will hold. After premiering new music at Lawyers & Labels, Earn Dinero has decided to drop off a new body of work titled Triangle Offense. Check it out:

Ant Benzoe – On My Soul (Video)

Ant Benzoe On My Soul
Brooklyn MC Ant Benzoe is in a lifelong pursuit of a career as an artist in the music business.  As the headliner of the YPC or Yung Paper Chaserz crew, Ant Benzoe has been flourishing up Blillz Management.  With his wave of tracks powdered through the indie scene of the Big Apple, Ant Benzoe is quietly becoming the talk of the town in regards to potential break out stars.  This coming Sunday August 25th Ant Benzoe will be headlining the Luxury Party aboard the Hornblower  Yacht hosted by Excell and Hip Hop star CP Da Ruler. Watch the visual for one of his street anthems, On My Soul.