"Moe Luhv" A Single By Loki Pravda

On Friday December 27, 2019 the Baton Rouge native, Loki Pravda released his latest single, “Moe Luhv”. The track is approximately two minutes and three seconds long in its entirety and host no features. With production from BVTMAN and mixing and mastering from his personal hat of skills, this single is definitely one that is meant to vibe to. The track has been laced with the sounds of the all-around cool guy Loki himself, as he has created a storyline that many individuals are able to relate to or reflect on.


Now we all have faced a moment regarding chill time with a friend or potential boo, where things get a little awkward because they don’t share the same interest at hand. With a unique solution, Loki as has found a way to mix his emotions, experiences, and hobbies. In doing so, he was able to create a dope track with elevated vibes that may just come to be considered a modern take on a love song. Let’s take a moment to dissect this wavy, cool, and laid back track.


With a clever take on a smoke session accompanied by a female with no desire to partake of anything but his company, Loki may just change your perspective on being able to experience things with others without crossing personal boundaries to do so. In the song, the female companion is in need of higher vibrations and seeks Loki for the intention of an elevated spirit. In the time that he is able to be that for her, his own personal elevation takes place. From that point, she realizes she enjoys herself enough to make it customary in her world of relaxation. To be true to herself and still be involved in the moment, she learns to prepare the elevation tools at hand (a blunt), with the firm understanding she does not wish partake. She then provides a kiss before handing it off to Loki so she can simply enjoy the essence of his person.

By using lyrical content that will make you think, as well a few double entendre and metaphors, Loki has provided his audience with something that is light on the mind yet informative to the soul. He has taken a real life experience and concept and used it to create a great song with a catchy melody and conversational properties. With appreciation for Southern culture and style, Loki has taken his love of elevation, women and connective energy and has created a song that is great for riding, rolling, chilling, or catching a great vibe with awesome energy.


The Nerdy Bird Site is giving the single “Moe Luvh” and all the individuals involved in the execution of it 4 Stars for innovation! 4 Stars for Lyrical Content! 5 Stars for Culture! 4 Stars for Highly influential vibes! 4 Stars for Dopeness!

If you are looking for something unique, a truth that you can relate to, vibe and elevation with, check him out. If you can vibe with it, support him in his efforts and share his passion. If not, no sweat, you received your first insight right here at The Nerdy Bird! Stay tuned as we continue to follow the unsigned hype of these up and coming local artist. You may find your next favorite song, art work, artist, muse, photographer, MUA etc. right here!

Written by Tubbi of the Nerdy Bird Site

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